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Prelude to Rebellion, Part 5 is the fifth issue in the Star Wars: Republic series of comics. It was published by Dark Horse Comics on April 21, 1999

Publisher's summary[]

High above the desert sands of Tatooine, a battle of life and death is taking place! On a freighter loaded with bloodthirsty beasts, lone Jedi Ki-Adi-Mundi must fight his way to his daughter, trapped in a malfunctioning escape pod with the merciless -- but just as helpless -- criminal Ephant Mon. Only Ki can save them, but the only way to save them may be to let Ephant Mon escape ... with Ki's daughter!

Plot summary[]

As Ki-Adi-Mundi fights his way through the ravenous divviks onboard Ephant Mon's freighter, a smuggling conspiracy on Cerea comes to light. Blackmailed into allowing the smuggler escape with his daughter and her friend, Twin, Ki follows them to the Tatooine surface. After Ephant Mon brings the two girls to Jabba the Hutt as penance for not bringing the promised minerals, Jabba decides to use them as Jedi bait. He has the girls chained to an Ion Attractor during a storm, so as to lure Ki into his trap.



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