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Star Wars 8: Outlander, Part 2 is the eighth issue of Star Wars and the second part in the Outlander story arc. The comic was written by Timothy Truman, illustrated by Rick Leonardi, and published by Dark Horse Comics on July 28, 1999.

Publisher's summary[]

As Ki-Adi-Mundi prepares to return to the desert wastes of Tatooine in search of a wayward Jedi, he is stopped by an old friend and mentor. The Dark woman has news for the Cerean Jedi, and he's not going to like it! Once on Tatooine, Ki meets with the crime lord Jabba the Hutt. Despite the fact that the slimy crime lord had only recently threatened the life of Ki's daughter, Ki-Adi-Mundi has no choice but to ask for Jabba's aid in his search. Ki receives the aid, but nothing from Jabba the Hutt is ever free![1]

Plot summary[]

As Ki-Adi-Mundi prepares to leave Coruscant for Tatooine, he is greeted by an old friend with a word of warning: the dark side is growing, and whatever happens out in the desert will change Ki forever. Once on Tatooine, Ki meets with Jabba the Hutt, who grants him safe passage in the desert and gives him access to a speeder. Too late, Ki realizes that Jabba has set him up, sending him into a sandstorm with a gang of killers.



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