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Star Wars 12 is the twelfth issue in Dark Horse's Star Wars comic book series. It was released on December 11, 2013.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

After a battle with the Empire, it is a time of reunions, departures, and reassessments. Han and Chewie return from their mission to Coruscant, Luke deals with love lost, and Leia must accept greater responsibilities within the Rebellion. But first she has an important announcement for the Rebel commanders...

  • Leia uncovers a deep betrayal!

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Following the battle in the previous issue, the Imperial commander of the Devastator, Colonel Kell Bircher, is revealed to be a Rebel agent. The Devastator, betrayed by its commander and without shields, weapons control, or communications, flees from the Rebel fleet. The Rebels, in no condition to try to capture the ship, let it depart and prepare to leave themselves. Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, and Wedge Antilles meet with Mon Mothma, and her agent, Bircher, to reveal their plan.

Bircher had been placed into the Imperial ranks through the use of a Bothan slicer. Although Organa, Skywalker, and Antilles are puzzled by this deception, Bircher assures them that he would never have purposefully shot them down while he was undercover. During the meeting, Antilles proposes the formation of Rogue Squadron from the remains of Gray Flight, which is accepted by Mothma. Antilles offers Bircher a place in Rogue Squadron, but he declines, as he has business back in the Chandrila system. Antilles reveals to his pilots that they are now a part of Rogue Squadron, but one pilot, Prithi, has decided to leave the Rebellion and return to her home planet of Chalacta. Skywalker tries to convince her to stay, but she claims that the Force is calling her to leave the Rebellion.

Han Solo finally returns to the fleet with Perla, the waste manager from Coruscant, who helped him escape that world. She turns over the stockpile of weapons and supplies to Mon Mothma in exchange for membership in the Rebellion. Mothma offers her command of a freighter in the fleet and claims that, if she serves a five-year term, the ship will be officially hers. Perla accepts the offer and celebrates with Solo. However, Organa overhears the conversation and is jealous of the attention Solo is paying to the other woman. They have a confrontation in the hallway where Solo claims that their relationship is progressing, despite being slapped in the face by Organa.

Organa makes her presentation to the Rebellion about the location of their new base. The planet, Arrochar, near Mon Calamari and on the edges of Hutt Space, is an out of the way world that will work perfect for the Rebellion's needs. However, the world is ruled by a traditional monarchy. The only way that Organa was able to secure the world for the Rebels' needs was by agreeing to marry the crown prince of Arrochar.

Skywalker and Solo are shocked at the revelation, but Organa claims that it is her life and her decision to make. Back on the Executor, Darth Vader turns the command codes over to an Imperial Admiral and departs his ship. The Admiral sees him off, but Vader orders the subordinate to forget the conversation before leaving. The Rebels arrive above Arrochar, where the crown prince greets Home One. Organa is dressed in royal garb and prepares to meet the prince as he greets them to their new home.

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