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Star Wars 11 is the eleventh issue of the ongoing Marvel comic book series Star Wars and the fourth of five issues in the series' second story arc, Showdown on the Smuggler's Moon.[1] The issue, written by Jason Aaron and with art by Stuart Immonen, was released on November 4, 2015.[3]

Publisher's summary[]

Plot summary[]

Book II, Part IV
It is a period of renewed hope for the Rebellion.
Luke Skywalker's quest to learn the ways of the
Jedi brought him to the infamous moon Nar
Shaddaa, where his lightsaber made him a
quick target for the Jedi artifact collector
GRAKKUS THE HUTT, and he is now being held

After Sana Solo – the woman who claims to be
Han's wife – rescued the smuggler and Princess
Leia from Imperial fire, Leia received a distress
call from the rebel fleet informing them of
Luke's predicament. Meanwhile, C-3PO and
Chewbacca have already arrived on the
Smuggler's Moon in search of their friend.

However, with a new bounty hunter on the tail of
the Wookiee warrior, the rebels must get to Luke
before Grakkus and the Gamemaster send him
to the arena and a fight to the death....[2]

Rescuers ambushed[]

On Nar Shaddaa, numerous crime lords and criminals converge at the Palace of Grakkus the Hutt to watch the "last stand" of Luke Skywalker, the so-called "last Jedi." While R2-D2 mingles among the crowd, Chewbacca and C-3PO debate their rescue plan. C-3PO advises caution, seeking to avoid the trouble that Skywalker and R2-D2 encountered.

At that point, Chewbacca is knocked to the ground by one of the bounty hunter Dengar's stun bolts. Dengar forces C-3PO to contact Han Solo and tell him that Dengar is looking for him. He tells C-3PO to make sure Han can hear his friend in the background. Remembering Chewbacca's role in saving his life on Cymoon 1, C-3PO tries to remove the stun bolt from Chewbacca but is instead electrocuted. Chewbacca rises to his feet but Dengar is ready to confront him.

Skywalker's big day[]

Before the arena fight, Grakkus tells Skywalker that nobody is paying him to win but instead to die. Grakkus warns that if he refuses to fight that he would still be killed and his hide hung on the wall on his museum. Grakkus reveals that his scavengers have recovered The Journals of Ben Kenobi, which the Hutt intends to add to his collection.

When Luke expresses anger, Grakkus remarks that he is too full of anger to make a good Jedi. The Gamemaster hands Skywalker a lightsaber and tells him that the fight will be his chance to die like a Jedi Knight. Skywalker is led into the arena where an announcer announces him as the last Jedi, describing him as a veteran of many great battles and a slayer of countless Hutts and bounty hunters.

A Snivvian audience member dismisses Skywalker as a boy while a Gran says that he was hoping for the little "green guy" and thinks Skywalker is a Padawan. A Rodian bets five crates on Skywalker's competitor. The announcer then introduces Kongo the Disemboweler, a roggwart from the dolovite mines of Mustafar who had previously fought xandanks and man-eating lava eels. As Kongo charges at Skywalker, the Jedi ignites a green lightsaber.

In the thick of trouble[]

While the Volt Cobra travels through hyperspace, Han Solo tells Princess Leia Organa that he is not willing to work with Sana Starros. Starros responds that they are welcome to leave her ship once the job is done. Unwilling to argue with Solo, Princess Leia enters the cockpit. Solo remarks that he pretended to marry Starros on Stenness as part of a plot to scam a crime lord who had been double-crossing spice smugglers. As part of their break-in, they had staged a wedding. Solo wishes Chewbacca was here.

Back on Nar Shaddaa, Chewbacca fights with Dengar. While Dengar can't match the Wookiee's strength, he has more "toys." Though Chewbacca chokes him, Dengar unleashes a flame explosive that burns Chewbacca's back. However, Dengar does not kill Chewbacca, determined to use him as bait to lure Solo into a trap.

In the arena, the lightsaber-wielding Skywalker dodges Kongo, who has been fitted with deep-core drilling armored limbs. While the crowd cheers, the Gamemaster grimly remarks that it would not be easy for Skywalker o hack through the armored limbs with a lightsaber. Sensing the Gamemaster's disappointment, Grakkus asks why the Gamemaster is taking a "liking" to Skywalker after having trained numerous Wookiees, "lizard men" and pirates.

The Gamemaster responds that it is not his job to take a liking to anything. Grakkus responds that they all have their weaknesses and that Gamemaster was the greatest fighting slave he has ever bought. Sensing that Gamemaster sees potential in Skywalker, Grakkus responds that he wants to keep the myth that the Jedi are long dead. However, Gamemaster departs and secretly contacts TIE fighter pilots using his codename "Agent 5241." Unable to cut through Kongo's armor, Skywalker attempts to meditate with the Force. However, Kongo knocks him to the ground. As the crowd cheers, R2-D2 beeps in fear.

Han to the rescue[]

Elsewhere, Dengar hurls Chewbacca against the rubble, intending to beat the Wookiee to death. However, he is shot in the shoulder by Han Solo. Standing on top of the Volt Cobra with Leia, Solo tells Dengar to get his hands off his friend.

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