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Star Wars 16 is the sixteenth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars. The issue, released on February 17, 2016, is written by Jason Aaron, with art by Leinil Francis Yu. It is the first issue in the Rebel Jail arc of the series.[1]

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Book IV, Part I
It is an era of renewed hope for the Rebellion.

After narrowly escaping another frightening
encounter with Darth Vader, rebel heroes Luke
Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo take the
evil Sith Lord's secret ally, droid and weapon
specialist Dr. Aphra, captive aboard the
''Millennium Falcon''.

Now their mission to free the galaxy from the
grasp of the Emperor continues as the Princess
teams with smuggler Sana Starros, while Luke
and Han pair together on a secret mission for
the Rebellion....[2]

Following the Battle of Vrogas Vas, the rogue archaeologist Dr Chelli Lona Aphra breaks free of her magnetic binders aboard the rebel starship Volt Cobra. While Princess Leia Organa and several rebel troopers try to restrain Aphra, the Volt Cobra approaches the perimeter of the Sunspot Prison where the ship is bombarded by ion cannons. While Leia contacts the bridge, Aphra's estranged friend Sana Starros knocks Aphra out with a combat move. When Leia asks Starros why she did not transmit the clearance codes, Starros responds that she had to come down and clean her "mess."

The Volt Cobra then arrives at Sunspot Prison, a secret Rebel Alliance prison facing a star. The prison houses various enemies of the Rebellion including war criminals, Imperial spies, mercenaries, and at least two Moffs. Though Aphra is defiant, the prison warden claims that the Empire will not be able to find the prison and that it is well-defended by ion cannons and a star.

Elsewhere, the masked former rebel agent Eneb Ray leads a group of mercenaries and IG-RM bodyguard and enforcer droids to assail the impregnable Sunspot prison.

Weeks later the strong-spirited Aphra holds out against Rebel Alliance Intelligence Service officers. In private, Sana criticizes the Alliance's "humane" interrogation methods but Leia is determined that the Rebellion not follow the Empire's path. Leia confides that she brought Sana to reconcile for their awkward "initial" meeting and to thank her for saving her life on Nar Shaddaa. Princess Leia allows Sana to question Dr Aphra. When Sana tells Aphra to cooperate with the rebels, Aphra denounces her as a rebel sympathizer and says that she hates smugglers.

Meanwhile, Han Solo and a reluctant Luke Skywalker attempt to raise funds for the Rebellion by playing a game of sabacc with gangsters. Solo doubles the Rebellion's money by subtracting a small finder's fee. However, this enrages the gangsters and the two barely escape aboard the Millennium Falcon without the Rebellion's money. Aboard the Falcon, Skywalker confronts Solo about his reckless action. Luke confides that the Empire has imposed a 60,000 credit bounty on his head, which is worth more than the bounty on Solo's head.

Back at Sunspot prison, Eneb Ray and his assault force use grappling lasers to hold on to Sunspot Prison. One of the mercenaries falls off but Eneb reassures them that he has looked into the sun and lived. In the command center, Princess Leia extracts an assurance from the prison warden to look after Dr Aphra. At that point, the hull is breached by Eneb and his assault force, who overwhelm several armored rebel troopers.

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