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Star Wars 17 is the seventeenth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars. The issue, written by Jason Aaron with art by Leinil Francis Yu, was released on March 23, 2016.[1]

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Book IV, Part II
It is a period of renewed hope for the Rebellion.
After surviving another dangerous encounter
with Darth Vader, rebel heroes Luke Skywalker,
Princess Leia, and Han Solo have taken the evil
Sith Lord's secret ally, droid and weapon
specialist Dr. Aphra, captive.

Teaming with smuggler Sana Starros, Princess
Leia hands Aphra to the best-concealed
penitentiary she knows: Sunspot Prison. There,
Aphra is expected to be imprisoned indefinitely,
lest the Empire uncover her location and
reclaim her.

Elsewhere, Han and Luke are busy replenishing
supplies for the Alliance, that is until Han
gambles and loses the rebel funds. Meanwhile,
a security breach back at Sunspot Prison bodes
ill for the rebels....[2]

At Sunspot Prison, Princess Leia Organa, the smuggler Sana Starros, and their rebel troopers managed to subdue the IG-RM bodyguard and enforcer droids in the west sector only to discover that the mysterious intruder has taken over the command room and captured the warden. Speaking via comlink, the intruder tells Princess Leia that he is not planning to break out the prisoners but rather kill them. When the warden dismisses him as a fool, the intruder pistol whips him.

As the intruder goads Leia, Leia and Starros rush to cell block seven where they find IG-RM gunning down the prisoners in their cells. When Leia denounces the intruder as a murderer, he reminds her that the prisoners are war criminals. He claims that there is nothing noble about war. While Starros is tempted by the intruder's rhetoric, she decides to stick with Leia as the intruder releases seventeen murderers from their cell.

Having lost the Rebel Alliance's funds, Luke Skywalker manages to convince a blue Twi'lek merchant to pay him and Han Solo 5,000 credits to ferry a shipment of nerfs aboard the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo is annoyed with Skywalker but goes along with the shipping job.

Back at Sunspot Prison, Princess Leia and Starros managed to subdue several Imperial prisoners including the war criminal Kolar Ludd, a member of the Imperial Special Forces infamous for razing villages. Leia and Starros herd the prisoners into Sector 9 only for the intruder to remotely seal the doors and lower the sun shield. The prisoners are instantly incinerated by the star.

The intruder taunts Leia that her unwillingness to descend to the Empire's level of violence means that the Rebellion is going to lose the war. The intruder proudly embraces his identity as a murderer. Leia asks who the intruder is but he responds that he found the true face of our enemy in her eyes. He vows to kill all the prisoners.

Meanwhile in space, the Millennium Falcon is being pursued by a squadron of TIE fighters for smuggling illegal livestock. Luke tells Han that they are delivering the nerfs to the impoverished Outer Rim world of Ibaar, which is under sanctions from the Empire. Luke and Han bicker about the hyperdrive and nerf droppings.

At Sunspot Prison, Chelli Lona Aphra awakes from her sleep only to be attack by an IG-RM droid. Fortunately for her, Princess Leia and Starros come to her aid and gun down the droid. Despite the mutual animosity between Leia, Starros, and Aphra, the three put aside their differences to work together to defeat the "mad man" who has taken over the prison.

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