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Star Wars 19 is the nineteenth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars, and the final issue in the Rebel Jail arc of the series. The issue, written by Jason Aaron with art by Leinil Francis Yu, was released on May 25, 2016.[1]

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Book IV, Part IV
It is a time of drastic action for the Rebellion.
Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia
have captured Darth Vader's secret ally, droid
expert Dr. Aphra, in an effort to obtain Imperial

While the princess is securing Dr. Aphra at
Sunspot Prison, a mysterious invader has seized
control of the facility and begins eliminating
prisoners. Cornered, Leia and Sana join forces
with the doctor to release the inmates and spare
them from an untimely death.

Meanwhile, Han and Luke have responded to
Sana's distress call, arriving in time for the
unknown attacker to reveal himself...[2]

At Sunspot Prison, the mysterious intruder knocks out and restrains Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. Princess Leia demands that the intruder let her comrades go. Sana Starros says he makes them look like fools while Dr Chelli Lona Aphra marvels at why they are not dead.

Still seeking to win Princess Leia to his cause, the intruder tells her that it is her last chance to accept his allegiance. He threatens to kill her friends. Leia offers to put down her blaster so they can talk but he demands that she execute the Imperial prisoner Dr Aphra. Leia rejects the intruder's terms but Sana seeks to settle scores with her estranged friend and points her blaster at Aphra.

Telling Leia that he is who she made him and that she sent him to them, the intruder removes his mask to reveal himself as Eneb Ray, the survivor of the failed Arrth-Eno Mission. Leia tells Eneb that he was one of the Rebel Alliance's best spies and that they had been looking for him after the events on Coruscant. Eneb tells her that the Emperor's touch will eventually kill him and offers to help him.

Eneb counters that he doesn't needs help and tells her to save her friends by gunning down Dr Aphra. As he counts to five, Sana Starros points her blaster at Aphra. Leia rejects Eneb's ultimatum and attacks him. Meanwhile, C-3PO and R2-D2 hear the fighting in the hangar bay just as they are knocked out by an ion pulse, which also affects the Millennium Falcon.

As the station's gravity is knocked, Starros and Aphra fight while Leia struggles with Eneb. Believing they are going to die, Luke tells Leia that the last thing he will remember is herding nerfs. In zero gravity, Starros gains the advantage over Aphra and proceeds to choke her. Aphra apologizes for the way she betrayed Starros like a blaster. An enraged Starros hurls Aphra against Eneb, knocking him down before he can strangle Leia to death. With the help of the other women, Leia knocks out Ray.

Following the arrival of Alliance reinforcements, the prison systems are restored. The surviving Imperial prisoners and rebel personnel are evacuated. The dead are recovered in body bags. The warden thanks Leia for helping them to save some of the prisoners but notices that one of them is missing. Dr Aphra heads to an escape pod only to be cornered by Princess Leia.

Dr Aphra protests that she saved Leia five times but Leia reminds her that she is still a prisoner. When Aphra offers to be good, Leia warns him that this is no game and that she does not realize how dangerous Darth Vader is and that Vader will cast her off once she has outlived her usefulness. Leia tells Aphra to look up to her for help. Before they can continue the conversation, Starros slams Aphra into the escape pod and ejects her into space.

When Leia asks how long it will take for Aphra to find the trackers they had hidden in her clothing, Starros jokes about finding the ones that she had hidden on their ship. Leia asks Starros about her relationship with Aphra but Starros does not want to talk about it. As the two turn their attention to discussing bounty hunting fees, Aphra flies the escape pod away from the sun.

At the hangar bay, C-3PO tells R2-D2 about his plan to seek a transfer to the Alliance records office on Fusai working on translations and datawork. However, he tells R2-D2 they have no openings for "mop buckets." Han and Luke strike an agreement not to talk about the gambling fiasco. Starros quips that they are terrible at rescues and that Luke is not old enough to talk to him. She is overpowered by the stench of the nerfs aboard the Falcon.

As Eneb Ray is lead way, Leia tells him that she will get him the help he needs even if he rejects it. While departing Sunspot prison, Ray uses an unlocking device disguised as a dental implant to break free of his restraints. He vows vengeance on his former leader Leia. Several days later, the Task Force 99 stormtroopers Cav, Kreel and Misty arrive at the evacuated prison searching for Kolar Ludd. Kreel tells them that they have received a new mission, and he asks his men if they are ready to kill some rebels.

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Notes and references[]

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