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Star Wars 4 is the fourth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars and the fourth of six issues in the series' first story arc, Skywalker Strikes. The issue, written by Jason Aaron with art by John Cassaday, was released on April 22, 2015.[2]

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Plot summary[]

Book I, Part IV
It is a period of renewed hope for the Rebellion.
The evil Galactic Empire's greatest weapon, the
Death Star, has been destroyed, and now the
Rebel Alliance looks to press its advantage by
unleashing a daring offensive throughout the
far reaches of space.

Princess Leia Organa and her team of rebels
have just completed a daring mission where
they managed to infiltrate and destroy the
largest Imperial weapons factory in the galaxy.
Their success was owed in large part to the
valiant efforts of young Luke Skywalker, who at
one point during the battle stood face to face
with the unstoppable Darth Vader himself.

But Luke finds little cause for celebration in the
victory. He has now seen the full power of the
Force in action and knows he has a very long way
to go if he ever hopes to become a true Jedi....

Guest of Jabba[]

Majordomo Bib Fortuna welcomes Darth Vader to Jabba's palace on Tatooine. Vader has little time for pleasantries and insists on proceeding with the negotiations with Jabba, who remarks that Vader lives up to his reputation as a man who knows how to strike a bargain. When Jabba mentions the recent Imperial defeats at Yavin 4 and Cymoon 1, Vader dismisses them as rebel lies and asks if Jabba will accept the Emperor's terms.

Jabba reminds Lord Vader that whatever meager resources he controls also belongs to the Empire. Jabba tells Vader that he just wants to be repaid sufficiently for providing the Empire with the resources needed to build Star Destroyers, feed his stormtroopers, and kill the rebels. When Lord Vader says that Jabba will accept whatever the Empire decides to pay him, Jabba warns that it would be a shame if the Empire's shipments were intercepted by pirates or eaten by giant space slugs.

Vader responds that the Empire is not intimidated by obstinate Hutts. He orders Jabba to continue ensuring that the supplies arrive on time in return for being allowed to retain his power. Vader turns to leave but Bib Fortuna explains that Jabba prefers to seal all his business ventures by watching something die. Jabba chomps on a gorg.

Heroes of Yavin[]

At the Alliance Fleet in deep space, Han Solo gives critical feedback about Chewbacca's repairs to the Millennium Falcon. When Chewbacca roars grumpily, Solo tells him not to roar so loud because his head is still hurting. Solo says that he did not crash the AT-AT walker on Cymoon 1 and that Vader brought it down with his laser sword. Solo asks Chewbacca to hand him a macrofuser.

Meanwhile, C-3PO thanks R2-D2 while describing him as a "cowardly tub of grease." C-3PO insists that the aliens on Cymoon did not mis-assemble his personality circuits.

In the briefing room, Admiral Ackbar informs Princess Leia Organa, Mon Mothma and General Jan Dodonna that the Rebel Alliance has staged more than a dozen attacks on several worlds including the Imperial shipyards on Kuat and the supply base on Imdaar. He also thanks Leia for destroying the Weapons Factory Alpha on Cymoon 1, which he describes as one of the largest Imperial factories in the galaxy.

Leia says they have only wounded the Empire and that they need to press their advantage or everything they have achieved will be for nothing. She explains that the Empire deals with Outer Rim gangsters to maintain their supply lines. Leia warns that they will replace everything they have lost if the rebels give them time. Admiral Ackbar responds that they cannot simply maintain that sort of offensive when they are not on the run.

Mothma agrees with Admiral Ackbar and says that the bulk of their resources should be directed towards keeping the rebel fleet in constant motion. She says that they need to find a new world to establish a base of operations. Leia tells Mothma that she can do a lot with her own team. Mothma responds that they barely escaped Cymoon 1 and warns her not to push her team too hard. Leia disagrees but Mothma asks if she can speak for all of her team.

Luke's struggles with doubt[]

Meanwhile, a blindfolded Luke Skywalker spars with two training remotes, which sting him. In frustration, Skywalker slices them in half with his lightsaber. When Leia enters, Luke tells her that he is not interested in any mission that she has come to recruit him into. Leia tells Luke that he is being too hard on himself and that she has seen him do amazing things that only a Jedi could do.

Skywalker responds that he is no Jedi and is a danger to everyone around him. Leia disagrees and tells him that General Kenobi saw something special in him. Luke responds that Ben is dead like his father. When he tried to avenge Kenobi, Vader swatted him like an insect. Lacking confident in his powers and abilities, Luke asks Leia to let him go. Leia asks where he would go and tells Luke that this is what he was born for.

Searching for Han[]

At Mos Eisley, four Rodian bounty hunters meet with a masked woman who is offering a bounty on Han Solo. She wants them to help her find Solo but the Rodians insist on taking the bounty hunting job. Their leader points a gun at the masked woman and the other Rodians are armed with vibro-axes. The woman responds "in that case... knees", which activates a voice-activated smart-targeting scatterblaster that blasts them in the knee caps. The woman boasts that she got these weapons on Nar Shaddaa.

Despite being wounded, the lead Rodian insists on taking the bounty and points his blaster at her. The woman uses the scattergun to shoot off his right hand. The woman reveals that she had lured the into a trap in order to acquire information about Solo. Since she has attacked them, the Rodian leader refuses to help them. The masked woman is about to activate the scatterblaster to target his lips but he convinces her to relent by revealing that Solo fled offworld after murdering their brother Greedo.

When the Rodian demands a reward for providing her with information on Solo, she tells them that she spared their lives and that Solo belongs to her.

Riding Jabba's sail barge[]

Jabba's sail barge Khetanna hovers over a herd of banthas. While stormtroopers watch, Jabba's bounty hunters shoot the herd, killing and wounding many of them. Jabba's pet Kowakian monkey-lizard Salacious B. Crumb laughs maniacally. An annoyed Lord Vader tells Jabba to restrain his pet if he values that creature's life. Jabba admires Vader's ruthlessness and says they are good friends now.

When Vader disagrees, Jabba points out that he has helped Vader in the same way that the Sith apprentice has helped the Emperor in his time of need. Vader responds that he only lives to serve the Emperor. When Jabba asks if he has found the services of his bounty hunters useful, Vader refuses to consider hiring bounty hunters. Jabba clarifies that they are merely listening to the sweet song of dying banthas.

Vader says that the Wookiee bounty hunter Krrsantan's mission is simple enough and that the other's mission is to capture the "boy" who blew up the Death Star. Vader asks Jabba what he knows about Kenobi. Jabba describes Kenobi as an "old wizard" who was a torn in his side. Bored with the dying banthas, Jabba orders his crew to take them to the sarlacc, describing it as one of the few treasures on this desolate world. Jabba is amazed that a barren world such as Tatooine could produce a hero like Luke Skywalker who destroyed the Death Star.

Luke's departure[]

Despite Leia's pleas, Luke departs with R2-D2 in his X-wing fighter. Unable to reason with Luke, Leia tells him to stay safe because the Rebel Alliance needs him back in one piece. Han Solo thinks that Luke's solo journey is a bad idea because the Empire is searching for the pilot who blew up the Death Star. Skywalker thinks that the Empire does not know who he is. Skywalker says that he still has many unanswered questions and needs to return to Tatooine, the one place where he can maybe start to get these answers.

Enter Boba Fett[]

Meanwhile in Mos Eisley, the leading Rodian bounty hunter tells Boba Fett that they do not know where Solo has run off. Fett responds that he is interested in a man named Kenobi. The Rodian describes Kenobi as a crazy old wizard who lives out of town in the Dune Sea. When the Rodian asks why Fett is looking for him, the figure replies that Kenobi is dead and that he will be asking the questions.

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Notes and references[]

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