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Star Wars 57 is the fifty-seventh issue of the comic book series Star Wars. It was written by Kieron Gillen, illustrated by Angel Unzueta, and published on November 21, 2018 by Marvel Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

"THE ESCAPE" – PART 2 The horror of this strange planet. The horror! Shirtless HAN SOLO, chopping wood.

Plot summary[]

Part II
Queen Trios of Shu-Torun's betrayal has left the
heroic Rebel Alliance at the mercy of the evil
Galactic Empire! Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and
Han Solo have been on the run ever since and barely
one step ahead of the Empire's agents.

After running into an Imperial patrol, Luke, Leia, Han
and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO fled smuggler Sana
Starros' ship in an escape pod and crashed on the
hidden moon of Hubin.

The rebels have only been saved from an attack of
monstrous beasts native to the moon thanks to the
arrival of Hubin's mysterious inhabitants. But are
their hosts friend or foe....

Guests of the Markonas[]

On the moon Hubin, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa sip drinks while waiting for their host to give them an audience. The butler droid MK-1 tells them that their host will be with them shortly. Their host arrives and unmasks himself, identifying himself as Thane Markona. Markona apologizes for his absence, saying that he and his trackers had been dealing with a pack of thanrax. Needing to wash and change his clothes, Markona leaves and tells them to meet in the ballroom in an hour's time.

Later, Han asks Leia what they are looking for from Markona. Skywalker thinks they should wait here but Princess Leia relies that they need to have a plan in case the Empire shows up on Hubin. Skywalker doesn't trust Markona but Solo quips that he is happy with an "untrustworthy" guy who has a butler droid that makes drinks that he likes. R2-D2 and a legless C-3PO are also present with MK-1.

The group are soon joined by Thane Markona, who thinks that they should keep to a first name basis since he reasons that the less they know, the less they can reveal in an "unfortunate circumstance." Markona notices that C-3PO is still bound to R2-D2. MK-1 explains that he tried to remove C-3PO but that R2-D2 is very protective. Markona promises to obtain spareparts for C-3PO, considering droids to be respected members of his household. Markona offers his guest the best hospitality including bar clothes, a roof, provisions, and parts for C-3PO.

When Leia asks how they can get offworld, Markona says that is impossible. Skywalker accuses him of holding them prisoner but Markona explains that they don't have transports or a transmitter. He explains that a trader travels to Hubin every six months. When Solo asks how the colony looks after themselves when trouble comes, Markona explains that the Empire leaves them alone and that they not afraid of raiders.

When Skywalker asks when the next trader arrives, Markona's daughter Tula Markona replies that they are not expecting their next trader until five months later. Markona introduces his daughter to the guests. Tula ushers the guests into the dining hall, a job usually reserved for MK-1. In the dining room, Leia admits that she didn't expect an isolationist hermit to live in a mansion. Markona replies that self-sufficiency doesn't mean poverty and that his family are wealthy.

Skywalkers asks why the Empire leaves them alone. Markona replies that he pays tithes to the Empire and that Hubin is not of much use to the Empire. He says that he earned the rights to this moon in his previous career. When Skywalker asks if this was in service to the Galactic Empire or the Galactic Republic, Markona replies that he has served them both and reiterates that they are welcome to stay for as long as they want. Markona regards Hubin as an escape from the galaxy's problems. His people spend their time warding off the thanrax and raising their crops and children.

Meeting the locals[]

Tula introduces the rebels including Han, who has taken a liking to her, to the rest of Clan Markona, who are not bound by blood. While walking through the commune, Tula asks Han and Luke if the Death Star is real. Skywalker confirms that the Death Star was real but that rebel fights took it down. Tula expresses sympathy for the rebels.

While watching two local men boxing, Solo remarks that it seems rough for a peaceful life. Tula explains that Clan Markona has martial code and history. While Tula shows Luke around, Solo visits a local tavern only to learn that the bartender doesn't accept credits and that members of the community have to work to earn access to food and services. Solo asks how he can earn a beer around here.

Finding the moon's lush environment beautiful, Skywalker asks if it was her father's idea to come to Hubin. Before Tula can elaborate, Markona says that is his story to tell before ushering Luke away. While walking with Luke, Markona apologizes for his coarseness and says that it his father's duty. When he asks Skywalker about his father, Skywalker replies that he never knew him because he died during the Clone Wars.

Leia finds a shirtless Solo at work chopping logs. Solo admits that he missed Chewbacca and quips that this work has earned him a couple of meals and invites Leia to join him. Markona shows Skywalker his family's burial plot where his parents and wife are buried. Markona hopes to be buried with his families. When Skywalker asks whom he used to be, Markona tells Skywalker that he used to be a fighter.

The thanrax incursion[]

Just then, MK-1 warns Thane Markona that a thanrax pack from the north is attacking the fringe houses. Markona gets the butler droid to rally the hunters and enlists Luke's help. When Skywalker asks why he is living here, Markona explains that he grew up on Hubin and adds that he wasn't given charge of a world that anyone else would want. He says that his services were considerable but not that considerable.

Skywalker replies that Markona being coy about his past doesn't endear trust. Markona agrees to talk more about his past once they have stopped the thanrax pack. The two stumble upon locals fighting an advancing thanrax with a pitchfork. Despite lacking the numbers, Markona decides to face the thanrax pack. Reluctant to reveal his Jedi identity, Skywalker asks if they could scare the beasts with blasters or traps. Markona disagrees and unleashes a pair of vibroblades.



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Notes and references[]

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