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Star Wars 74 is the seventy-fourth, penultimate issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars. It was written by Greg Pak, illustrated by Phil Noto, and published on November 13, 2019. The issue features the story "Rebels and Rogues Part VII," in which the rebels' missions come to a head at K43.

Publisher's summary[]

WOOKIEE VS. SITH! Our three stories converge as the rebels' plan to destroy the Empire's fleet come to a head! But can LUKE really trust the grifter WARBA CALIP? Can HAN, LEIA, and DAR CHAMPION survive a head-on battle with a STAR DESTROYER? And what happens when CHEWBACCA takes on LORD VADER himself in hand-to-hand combat? And the Rebellion's search for a new home…a base safe from the reach of the Empire…begins.

Plot summary[]

Part VII
The Rebel Alliance's greatest heroes have
embarked on three daring missions to thwart the
evil Galactic Empire.

In the Core, Han and Leia's mission to trick the
Empire into neutralizing Boss Carpo went awry
when Carpo blackmailed them and new ally
District Advocate Dar Champion into attacking
the Star Destroyer in orbit. Meanwhile,
Chewbacca and C-3PO were to destabilize the
planet K43 and take part of the Imperial fleet out
with it.

But K43 is inhabited by unexpected life. And
Darth Vader is after Chewie and C-3PO, intent on
capturing them as a trap for Luke Skywalker. If
Luke and his new friend, Warba, can accomplish
their own mission, they could be their friends'
only hope on K43....



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  2. The events of this issue take place after the events of Star Wars (2015) 55, which Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition places around one year after the Battle of Yavin, which Star Wars: Galactic Atlas places in 0 BBY, meaning that the event takes place in 1 ABY. Additionally, the issue takes place before the events of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, which Star Wars: Galactic Atlas places in 3 ABY. Therefore, the events of this issue must take place between 1 ABY and 3 ABY.

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