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Star Wars 75 is the seventy-fifth and final issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars. It was written by Greg Pak, illustrated by Phil Noto, and published on November 20, 2019 by Marvel Comics. The issue features the story "Rebels and Rogues Part VIII," in which the rebels escape from Darth Vader and ultimately arrive at Hoth.

The comic story "An Echo of Victory," by Charles Soule, serves as an epilogue to Star Wars and leads into the upcoming series of the same name.

Publisher's summary[]

FINAL ISSUE! IT'S A TRAP! The epic REBELS AND ROGUES storyline reaches its explosive end! Can THREEPIO save the rock people of K43? Is WARBA the master or the student? Which Champion falls? And how much of LUKE'S desperate plan has DARTH VADER foreseen from the beginning? The search for a new rebel base continues!

Plot summary[]

The Rebel Alliance's efforts to thwart the evil
Galactic Empire are finally coming together.

Princess Leia, Han Solo and their new ally Dar
Champion are en route to K43 with an Imperial
Star Destroyer in pursuit. The Rebels' daring
plan: trap the warship in the planet's destructive
destabilization caused by Chewbacca and

But K43 is inhabited by unexpected life,
complicating the mission. Although the native
Kakrans generated a pulse strong enough to
short the Rebel detonators, they could not shut
down Darth Vader. Now only Luke Skywalker
and the mighty Chewbacca are left to stand
against the dark lord....


Star Wars 75 was published by Marvel Comics on November 20, 2019.[1] A variant edition featuring cover art by R.B. Silva was distributed exclusively through eBay.[3]



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