This article is about the Legends book-and-record release. You may be looking for the canon Episode IV: A New Hope Read-Along Storybook and CD or other things related to A New Hope.

Star Wars was a book-and-record adaptation of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

In 1997, Walt Disney Records released an updated version that included new material from the Special Edition of A New Hope.

Stjernekrigen[edit | edit source]

The Danish edition of the audio tape, titled Stjernekrigen (literally, "the Starwar"), is notorious for its many mistranslations and mispronunciations, and its generally silly phrasing, which have given it a cult status among Danish first-generation Star Wars fans, who celebrate its kitsch and nostalgic value.

  • In the booklet of the original release in 1982, "Luke Skywalker" is translated into "Luke Skyganger," which means "Luke Cloudstrider."
  • "Darth Vader" is consistently mispronounced as "Dart Wader."
  • "Obi-Wan Kenobi" is repeatedly mispronounced as "Obi-Van Kanobi."
  • "Leia" is once mispronounced as "Laya."
  • The tape opens with "For lang tid siden i en fjern, fjern stjernetåge," meaning "A long time ago in a nebula far, far away."
  • The "Galactic Empire" is translated into "Galaksens Rige," which means "The Kingdom of the Galaxy."
  • In this play, the tractor beam does not pull but rather sucks the Falcon into the Death Star even though "tractor beam" itself is translated as "trækstråle," which means "pull-beam."
  • The tape wrongly states that Luke became the leader of the Rebellion.
  • X-wings are "W-winger."
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