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Star Wars - Das offizielle Magazin

Journal of the whills

Journal of the Whills

Star Wars - Das offizielle Magazin is the official magazine of the Star Wars Fan Club Germany. As of September 2017, Star Wars - Das offizielle Magazin is at 87 issues. It is currently edited by Robert Eiba. The magazine is published quarterly. The current distributor is Paniki Germany.

The magazine contains sections that focus on what is new in the Star Wars universe, events, fan fiction, excerpts from comics, exclusive previews, articles that explore the Star Wars Universe in detail, questions and answers, and interviews. The magazine also features advertising and a catalog of Star Wars merchandise. Most articles are taken from the Star Wars Insider.

The Fan Club Edition of the Magazin contains articles from the german Star Wars Fan Club and its members only. The Name of the fan club edition is Journal of the Whills. It contains articles about the German fan scene, other fan clubs like the German Garrison, Star Wars Dinner informations as well as other Star Wars related articles. The regular Star Wars - Das offizielle Magazin issue is bound within the club edition. Due reducing of costs, the Journal of the Whills, is only printed in black & white, while the Star Wars - Das offizielle Magazin is printed in color.

Every subscriber will become a fan club member and receive the club edition of the official magazine. As of 2007, the OSWFC has about 7000 members.

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