Twilight, Part 3 is the twenty-first issue in the Star Wars: Republic series of comics. It was published on August 23, 2000 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Aayla Secura is the Padawan apprentice of the mysterious Jedi Quinlan Vos, and Vos needs to know why she disappeared -- and that knowledge is trapped in the dark recesses of his lost memory. And as Vos searches for answers, he may not like what he finds, as those who appear to be friends turn out instead to be lethal enemies. Join Quinlan in his deadly quest for the truth in the third chapter of "Twilight."

Plot summaryEdit

As they arrive on Ryloth, Vilmarh Grahrk and Quinlan Vos encounter one of Quin's clansmen, who takes him to his lost Padawan's uncle. Meanwhile, Villie meets with his cousin Holmar to discuss their plot to betray the Jedi. After Secura shows the Jedi to his room, he receives a communiqu茅 from Coruscant, and a mysterious patron commands Secura to kill Vos. During a conversation with his fellow Kiffar, Quin receives a transmission from Villie, asking him to meet him in the Rock Gardens. Upon arriving, Quin is attacked by Holmar Grahrk, who is killed in a betrayal by his cousin. As it turns out, Villie has placed another bet on Quin's survival, using his cousin as a pawn. Continuing his search for Aayla, Quin heads into an "abandoned" ryll mine, accompanied by Grahrk. Unexpectedly, they are attacked by energy spiders, imported from Kessel to assist in the creation of glitteryll. As the spiders overwhelm them, Quin is shot in the back by Asant茅 Vos. Asant茅 explains her involvement in the plot to wipe Quin and Aayla's minds as an attempt to save them from assassination as they got too close in their investigation of the glitteryll. After Villie kills Asant茅, the unlikely pair head off in search of Pol Secura once again.



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