Star Wars 3-D 2: Havoc on Hoth is the second issue of the Star Wars 3-D series of comics.

Plot summaryEdit

Immediately following their adventures on Tatooine, Luke, Han, Chewbacca, and C-3PO return to the Yavin system in the Millennium Falcon. However, they find the Rebellion's base on Yavin 4 surrounded by an Imperial Fleet led by Admiral Quist and headed by Darth Vader. Han is able to pull off some fancy flying to escape and land on the world while Quist is subsequently executed by Vader for his failure. Arriving at an old Yavin Base, Luke and the rest assume the Rebels have fled, due to it being abandoned. Luckily, the group is able to catch the fleet at a secret rendezvous where Princess Leia informs the group that they need to find a new base. Han suggests the ice world of Hoth, a world which the Empire is sure to overlook. The group leave to scout the unfamiliar territory, and after arriving, they use their landspeeder to search for a large ice cavern to serve as a suitable base. Unfortunately, the search leads to an encounter with the smuggler Salmakk who tries to claim the bounty on Han's head. Fleeing in their landspeeder, the group accidentally flies right into the smuggler's headquarters. Luke uses his lightsaber to cut stalactites off of the ceiling of the base causing the cave to begin collapsing on itself. The Rebels are able to escape just in time as Salmakk and his cohorts are trapped under the rubble. Luke and Han are happy to have escaped, but realize that they still have to find a base for the displaced Rebellion.


Behind the scenesEdit

The events in this comic take place after the many Battles of Yavin 4, and the Rebels evacuation from their Yavin 4 base. However, unlike in other sources, this comic depicts Luke, Han, C-3PO, and Chewbacca away from the base as it is being evacuated. Additionally the exploration and selection of Hoth as the next base in this comic is somewhat contrary to the world's discovery in Classic Star Wars though it is possible that the two stories coincide somehow.

It's interesting to note that both Salmakk and Han Solo refer to Jabba the Hutt as Jabba the Hut, a misspelling that was prevalent in the Marvel Star Wars comic line, where Jabba was portrayed as a Nimbanel that some fans believe to be Jabba's accountant, Mosep Binneed.


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