Star Wars 3-D 3: The Dark Side of Dantooine is the third issue of the Star Wars 3-D series of comics.

Plot summaryEdit

Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa are on a mission to Dantooine to secure supplies for their new base on the planet Hoth. Along with R2-D2, the group meet up with an Ortolan Merchant to buy weapons. As Leia negotiates the deal, Luke is accosted by a group of thugs who lead him away from the meeting. The leader of the group of thugs orders his subordinate Abel and several other thugs to lead Luke to the roof for reasons unknown. When they arrive, Luke surprises the band with his quickness and slays them with his lightsaber. After the encounter, Luke begins to hear a voice beckoning him to follow deeper into the building. Luke eventually discovers the voices, a race of Force-sensitive people that call themselves the Fairfolk. Unknown to Luke, the Fairfolk are working for Darth Vader to trap potentially dangerous Force-sensitives. Oblivious to the Fairfolk's insidious methods, Luke requests that the Fairfolk train him in the Force to complete the training he had started under Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Fairfolk agree, and as Luke grabs the Fairfolk leaders hand, he is connected with Darth Vader who plans to use the Fairfolk to train Luke in the dark side. Luke begins to train, but the Fairfolk are incredibly antagonistic, frustrating Luke with their claims that he cannot complete their difficult training. Luke lashes out with the dark side of the Force, immediately showing his power to the Fairfolk. Vader is pleased with Luke's progress and appears to him in a vision, declaring that his true education is about to begin. The Fairfolk claim that Luke can defeat Vader, and the two meet in a duel. As Vader easily knocks Luke to the ground, the Fairfolk encourage Luke to tap into the dark side of the Force to defeat Vader. Luke listens to their advice and begins to push the Dark Lord back with his unbridled fury. However, just as it seems that Luke is about to strike down the vision of Vader and fall completely to the dark side, R2-D2 and Leia rush to the rescue, disrupting the "fatal" blow. R2 shocks the Fairfolk causing them to retreat while Leia tries to comfort Luke as the vision of Vader fades away. Luke, Leia, and R2 leave the planet with the highly needed supplies as Luke explains how dangerously close to the dark side he had gone. On the bridge of the Conqueror, Vader laments missing his chance to turn Skywalker but promises himself that the next time he has a chance he will not fail.


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Behind the scenesEdit

The events in this comic take place after the Rebels have set up their base on Hoth. This comic misspells the word Wookiee as Wookie.


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