Star Wars Adventures 25 is the twenty-fifth issue of canon comic book anthology series Star Wars Adventures. It was written by Delilah S. Dawson, illustrated by Margaux Saltel, and published on September 11, 2019 by IDW Publishing. The issue features the story "The Right Wrong Turn," which is set prior to the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

Publisher's summary[]

In this story set before A NEW HOPE, Princess Leia Organa faces the most challenging task of her young life: teaching Amilyn Holdo how to drive a speeder! But both learn an important lesson after finding themselves in the dangerous lower levels of Coruscant.

Plot summary[]

Speeder practice[]

On the planet Coruscant, Amilyn Holdo thanked Princess Leia Organa for offering to teach her how to use a speeder. They both headed off towards the practice area. On the way there, Holdo asked how many levels are they from the ground. She was surprised to learn that they were 571 levels away. The lowest they could go was Level 5.

They arrived at the practice area and Organa helped Holdo get the speeder ready. Organa wasn't comfortable being very high up from the ground, instead wishing they were doing this on Alderaan. Holod then took off, flying down through the streets and making reckless turns. Organa then asked Holdo to turned on the autopilot so they can enter a skylane. But instead Holdo wanted to do something dangerous. She drove the speeder straight down, soaring to the lower levels of Coruscant. Holdo wanted to see something down in Level 4. Organa tried to get Holdo to stop as they reached the lower levels. Leveling off, Holdo drove their way to a tunnel where she wanted to try to locate the Lost Museum on Level 4.

Exploring the lower levels[]

She parked the speeder and the two got out and began their adventure. While Organa was worried about getting in trouble in the lower levels, Holdo found joy in being able to express herself more than in the upper levels of the planet. They then entered a tent where, to their surprise, a circus was taking place. Holdo then went up to one of the dancers and asked if they knew where the museum was. The dancer pointed them in the direction and they continued on. Organa was still very nervous about their adventure but Holdo reassured her that it will be a fun experience for the two.

They then entered another tent and asked the Zeltron, Forzaa where to go. She said it would cost them five credits to do so. But Organa's credits were stolen so she couldn't pay Forzaa. Holdo came up with a plan and told Forzaa that Organa was the Princess of Alderaan. In order to determine if this was true Forzaa requested that Organa place her hands on her Liga crystal. She reluctantly agreed and placed her hands on the crystal. The crystal determined that she was telling but Forzaa still requested the credits. Organa told her she didn't have them she searched her pockets and found the five credits that were needed.

As they continued on, Organa's hands also glowed after she touched the crystal. They realized that if they followed how strongly her hands were glowing in different directions it would lead them to the museum. They returned the speeder and headed off deeper into the levels of Coruscant. The glow on Organa's hands started to dimmer. Realizing they were going the wrong way, Holdo turned and travelled deeper into the lower levels.

Reaching the lost museum[]

They then reached a platform where criminals were restocking cargo. Not wanting to be seen, the leader ordered the criminals on their speeder bikes and to chase Holdo and Leia away. The chase began Holdo travelled through the pipes and around sharp turns as the speeder bikes remained close behind them. They then went up and hid in one of the pipes. The criminals could not locate Holdo and Leia and called off the chase, returning to their boss. One of the criminals threw a thermal detonator in one of the pipes before they left. The pipe then exploded, scaring the Organa and Holdo. But when Holdo turned on the lights, all around them bats prepared to chase them.

They launched themselves out of the pipe and continued descending down. Eventually, they located the Lost Museum. Old artifacts and statues scattered the area as Organa and Holdo looked on in amazement. Turning the lights back on, they studied the ancient relics together. Organa complimented Holdo, telling her that she did a great job driving and that she had an incredible journey. They then headed back up the the higher levels, hoping to one day have more adventures together.



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A pink pachydermoid species that first appeared in Star Wars Legends was brought into canon after author Delilah S. Dawson found the species' article on Wookieepedia.[3]


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