Star Wars Adventures Game Book 8: The Hunt for Anakin Skywalker was the eighth installment of Scholastic's Star Wars Adventures series.This book is a reprint of Episode I Adventures Game Book 6: The Hunt for Anakin Skywalker.

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Now flashback to the time before Episode I.

Anakin Skywalker and his friends have helped to free a group of Ghostling slaves. Now their owner, Gardulla the Hutt, wants to find out who's responsible. And the Hutt wants revenge.

Your assignment: to track down Anakin Skywalker and bring him back to Gardulla.

Can you find him? Can you save him?

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Character Cards Included - Sebulba, Khiss, Gondry, Djas Puhr

Vehicle Cards Included - Sebulba's Podracer, Anakin's Podracer

Device Cards Included - Reactant Leak Sniffer

Power Cards Included - Hide

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