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Star Wars Annual 1: The Long Hunt/A Duel Of Eagles is the first Annual issue in Marvel's Star Wars series of comics.

This story was separated into two parts. Part 2 was titled "A Duel of Eagles!"

This issue includes a gallery of some of the covers of the British Star Wars Weekly.

Plot summary[]

While Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are on the planet Tirahnn they are attacked by a group of Catuman warriors under the orders of Kharys, the Majestrix of Skye. Han Solo recognizes the description of Kharys from his old smuggling days and decides to confront her on her home planet of Skye, but the Millennium Falcon is shot down over the planet by Imperials. Luke and Leia are captured and brought to trial before the Supreme Council of the Highland Clans, and there Leia is recognized as an enemy of the Empire but Luke is recognized as the son of their wingless brother and so the council decides to help the two Rebels. Meanwhile Han and Chewbacca have been captured by Kharys and questioned about what they know about Luke Skywalker. Luke and Leia along with their S'kytri allies attack the Majestrix's fortress and rescue Solo and his first mate. Kharys is killed in a lightsaber duel with Luke freeing Skye from Imperial rule.


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In this issue Aragh says that, during the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi and two of his students saved Skye from destruction. He said one student was Darth Vader and the other he identified by saying Luke wore his lightsaber, implying it was Luke's father. As Return of the Jedi established that Vader was Luke's father, this implication turned out to be impossible. The discrepancy was first explained in Star Wars Gamer 1 and later expanded upon in 2007 in the article "Aliens in the Empire." The issue was also rectified in the 2015 story, SkyeWalkers: A Clone Wars Story.

During her duel with Luke, Kharys uses an ability that is similar to the stun/stasis Force power introduced in the Knights of the Old Republic video game.

In this issue, Han Solo states that it has been years since he saw Katya M'Beule. Rebel Dawn mentions Katya as one of the smugglers who participated in the Battle of Ylesia, which took place in the weeks leading up to the Battle of Yavin. Thus Han's statement cannot be the case, as this comic is dated to 0 ABY.

Following initial inconsistent publication dates, this tale is often collected between Star Wars (1977) 30 and Star Wars (1977) 31. However, Han Solo and Chewbacca are still on Orleon at this time and do not reunite with Luke Skywalker until the events depicted in Return to Tatooine, making this timeline placement impossible. A logical placement for this story is within the time gap in the early pages of Star Wars (1977) 35.


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Notes and references[]

  1. The Comic Reader #175. This issue was originally scheduled to go on sale on September 18, 1979, according to The Comic Reader #172, but was delayed along with many of Marvel's other annuals and scheluded to November 13, according to The Comic Reader #173. Unfortunately, it was again delayed to December 4, according to The Comic Reader #175
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