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Star Wars Annual 1 is a Marvel comic book by Kieron Gillen, with art by Angel Unzueta. In the course of the story, Rebel spy Eneb Ray operates undercover within the Imperial bureaucracy and must help a group of Rebel-sympathizing senators to survive.[1] The comic was published on December 9, 2015.[3]

Publisher's summary[]

Plot summary[]

It is an era of renewed hope for the

The evil Galactic Empire's greatest weapon,
the Death Star, has been destroyed by the
young rebel pilot, Luke Skywalker. But
Imperial forces still stand strong.

Rebel spy Eneb Ray has infiltrated
Coruscant, working under an Imperial guise
and the name Tharius Demo. He quickly
learns that some missions prove to be much
more complicated than others....[2]

The Rebel Alliance spy Eneb Ray has infiltrated the galactic capital Coruscant disguised as the Imperial tax collector Tharius Demo. "Tharius" saves the owner of an export business by cautioning him not to mention the Rebellion. Out of fear mixed with gratitude, the man offers to pay the money after "Tharius" warns him about the horror of having his children sold into slavery.

After returning to his apartment, Eneb Ray uploads the shipping and procurement data for the Core sectors to Princess Leia Organa via hologram. Princess Leia assigns Eneb on a mission to rescue Senator Nadea Tural and other anti-Imperial senators from Arrth-Eno Prison Complex. Leia provides him with maps, relevant access codes and a ship willing to smuggle the senators off Coruscant. Despite believing the mission to be impossible, Eneb obliges out of deference to the heir to the Alderaanian throne.

While scaling the Arrth-Eno prison complex, Eneb reflects on his previous missions and on whether there are other rebel spies on Coruscant. Fighting through his own fears and doubts, Eneb enters the building through a transparisteel window. After taking out a stormtrooper sentry, Eneb enters the senators' holding cell only to learn from Senator Tural that the Emperor Palpatine himself is coming to view their execution.

Eneb then enters the control room and forces the guards to surrender. One of the guards turns out to be a rebel agent named Coleet, who offers to help her contact Princess Leia while scrambling the sensors to prevent the Imperials from tracking her down. Eneb convinces a hesitant Princess Leia to take a major risk by sending the remaining rebel agents on Coruscant to assassinate the Emperor.

When the Emperor arrives to bid the condemned senators farewell, Eneb and six other agents spring their trap and attack the Emperor's stormtrooper and Royal Guard. Watching the assassination unfold, Coleet and the captive senators cheer Eneb on. Eneb uses an electronic grappling hook to rip off the helmet of a Royal Guard and fires the weapon at the Emperor. However, the Emperor flees on a repulsorlift platform.

Issuing orders for the fellow agents to evacuate the senators, Eneb uses his grappling hook to pursue the Emperor to the roof landing platform. Following an exchange with two stormtroopers, Eneb guns down the Emperor only to discover that it was a body double. The real Emperor arrives on a Lambda-class shuttle and mocks Eneb. Enebs tries to shoot the Emperor but the Emperor detonates a bomb that destroys the entire Arrth-Eno prison complex, killing everyone inside.

With Eneb distracted, the Emperor blasts him with Force lightning. Eneb barely escapes death by using his grappling gun to latch onto a passing airspeeder. While Eneb reflects on the deaths of everyone inside the complex, he sees a hologram broadcast of the Emperor claiming that the rebels had blown up the Aarth-Eno prison complex in order to prevent the senators from being tried in a court of law.

A devastated Eneb then meets his escape contact, who turns out to be the export manager whose life he had earlier spared. When the manager asks what went wrong, Eneb replies that he was naive. Deep down, he castigates himself for being a hero pretending to be the man willing to make hard decisions. As they escape offworld, the Emperor promises that vengeance will be inflicted for this "heinous, unforgivable crime."


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Behind the scenes[]

Marvel Comics editor Jordan D. White and assistant editor Heather Antos make a small cameo in the third page of the comic.[5][6]

The Czech translation, included in the Star Wars Magazín issues 2/2017 and 3/2017, featured the comic under the subtitle Undercover.


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