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Star Wars Annual 2013 was a book released in the United Kingdom on August 1, 2012.

This annual celebrates the ten year anniversary of Attack Of The Clones. Whilst the other five films are represented as brief timeliens in the annual, Attack of The Clones is represented as a large detailed photo story. Nearly all puzzles and fact files are connected to Episode II, the only material based on the other films in the book are the photo stories of the films. As the same in all Star Wars annuals, it is packed with fact files, puzzles and creative activities. . Contents 8-9- The Skywalker Family 10-11- The Phantom Menace- Photo story 12- Odd One Out 13- Word Wisdom 14-15- How to draw Mace Windu 16-17- Dex's Diner 18- Colour By Numbers 19- Tools of the Trade 20-21- Jedi Master 22- Battle Challenge 24-41- Attack of the Clones Photo Story 42- Shadow Searcher 43- Jedi prophecy 44-45- Weddings 46-47- Poggle's Minions Board Game 48-49- separitists 50-51- Revenge of the Sith Photo Story 52-53- Jedi Teacher 53- Sudoku 54- Mighty Monsters of Geonosis 55- Fact or Fiction 56-57- Cloning Technology 58-59- A New Hope Photo Story 60- Know Your Enemy 61- Wordsearch 62-63 Temple Architect 64-65- Politicians 66-67- The Empire Strikes Back Photo Story 68- Animals of the Galaxy 69- Crossword 70- Design your own Clone Trooper 71- Match the Pairs 72-73 Geonosian Factories 74-75- Return of the Jedi Photo Story 76- Word Pyramid 77- Spot the Difference 78-79- Answers


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