Star Wars Art: Visions

"Star Wars Art has come to fruition exactly as George [Lucas] conceived it. Aside from their archival value, the books are unique in publishing history. They represent a writer, filmmaker, and creator's personal retrospective on his own contribution to cinema, popular culture, and modern mythmaking, as seen through the art of those he's inspired."
―Abrams Books editor Eric Klopfer, Star Wars Insider 153[src]

Star Wars Art is a series of Star Wars art books published by Abrams Books. The series includes Star Wars Art: Visions, Star Wars Art: Comics, Star Wars Art: Illustration, Star Wars Art: Concept, Star Wars Art: Posters, Star Wars Art: A Poster Collection, and Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie. Each book was compiled with the direct input of Star Wars creator George Lucas as image curator.[1]

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