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Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron is the fifth installment in the Battlefront series for Nintendo DS and PSP. It was officially announced on May 26, 2009 and released on November 3, 2009.

Opening crawls[]

DS version[]

The Clone Wars rage across the
galaxy. The Jedi Knights lead the
Grand Army of the Republic
against the separatist Droid forces
in a desperate struggle.

The Galactic Republic has tasked
two unique  and highly-skilled
clone twins, designated X1
and X2, with training the
battalions of the new Clone Army.
Different from the other clones,
the twins have emerged as
elite warriors in the Republic

Under the command of Jedi
Master Ferroda, the twins
work to establish a desert
outpost on the seemingly
peaceful planet of Tatooine,
but a dark threat looms...

PSP version[]

The Clone Wars rage across the
galaxy. In an effort to improve
their forces, the Galactic
Republic has enlisted two
unique and highly-skilled twin

Designated as X-1 and X-2, the
twins have been charged with
training the battalions of the
new Clone Army. Different from
the other clones, they have
emerged as elite warriors in the

Under the command of Jedi
Master Ferroda, they work to
establish a desert outpost on
the seemingly peaceful world of
Tatooine, unaware that a dark
threat looms...
The light of freedom has
been extinguished. Agents of
control the galaxy through
fear and tyranny.

The Empire has all but
completed their ultimate terror,
the Death Star. Now the
galaxy's last hope rests with a
small band of freedom
fighters known as the

Knowing that failure will
spell certain doom, the Jedi
known as Master Kota
despatches X2 on a daring
reconnaissance mission to
learn more about the Empire's
new battle station....

The Dark Lords of the Sith
have been vanquished.
Although the Empire is
scattered into ashes, remnants
of its legions still lurk in the

To combat this sinister new
threat, General Luke Skywalker
commands an effort to drive
the remaining forces of the
Empire from the darkest
corners of the galaxy.

Under Skywalker's watchful eye,
X2 has realized his full
potential as a Jedi. Only
one final test remains - a
confrontation with his brother,


In the Campaign mode of the game, the story chronicles the experiences of force-sensitive clone, X2, who is assigned to Jedi Master Ferroda along with his brother X1.

The two are charged with the duty of training clones before and during the Clone Wars.

Their missions include defending a training camp on Tatooine, fighting in the Battle of Coruscant, and assisting in the Battle of Cato Neimoidia.

During the Battle of Cato Neimoidia, Order 66 is issued and X2 is ordered to kill Jedi Master Ferroda, an action he would carry out against his better judgments.

After the Clone Wars, X1 joins the Galactic Empire, whereas X2 goes rogue, forever haunted by the memory of killing Ferroda during Order 66.

X2 then travels to the planet of Dantooine to meet his genetic father and Jedi Master Falon Grey. Grey teaches X2 how to use his force abilities properly, beginning his Jedi training. Not long into his training, his location is discovered by the Galactic Empire, prompting an assault on the planet led by X1. X2 and Grey attempt to escape the planet but are ultimately defeated leaving Falon Grey dead and X2 badly wounded.

Years later, Rahm Kota finds X2 and inducts him into the Rebel Alliance. In honor of Falon Grey, he forms Grey Squadron. Before the Battle of Yavin, Kota inducts Shara, a former bounty hunter, into Grey Squadron. At the Battle of Hoth, X2 encounters X1, who has turned to the dark side. After an abortive duel, X1 and X2 are separated.

Following the Battle of Endor, X2 is given a lightsaber by Luke Skywalker and begins training for the inevitable battle against his brother. He, Shara, and the rest of Grey Squadron locate X1's base on Vjun. After exploring Bast Castle, X2 manages to track X1 to Mustafar, where Luke is held by X1. X2 faces his brother one last time. After defeating X1, the Rebels leave Mustafar and X2 reflects on challenges yet to face in the New Republic.

He amends that the Jedi will meet them all. (PSP version only)


After Pandemic Studios was sold to Electronic Arts,[1] LucasArts approached Free Radical Design to create a third entry into the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise for release in 2008.[2] The game was to feature a new campaign focusing on the story of X1 and X2, and would have had seamless ground-to-space combat. Much like the Pandemic games, the game would have featured a class system, though it would have been limited to five classes like the original game. However, the game was cancelled.[3] LucasArts then turned to Rebellion Developments, who had developed the portable-exclusive title, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, to take what was usable from Free Radical's game and create their own game from it.[4]

In an announcement on starWars.com, which revealed the details of the game's story, the platforms, and several other aspects of the game, it was also mentioned that the game would feature events from the original Star Wars Saga and beyond. This included the game's storyline and events from other parts of Star Wars history.[5]

PSP version gameplay[]

The PSP version of the game was developed by Rebellion Developments, who also worked on the previous title in the series, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron.

The game introduces multi-layered maps, allowing transition from ground to space, and enabling the player's actions in both layers to affect the whole battlefront.

The game includes three single-player modes; Instant Action, Campaign and Galactic Conquest. The Campaign mode includes three acts: the first act covers the Clone Wars and the rise of both X1 and X2, as well as the issuing of Order 66. The second act is set during the rise of the Galactic Empire and the Galactic Civil War, and the third act is set after the defeat of the Empire, when the remaining forces of the Empire are struggling to survive.

Instant Action includes three different Capture-The-Flag modes (1-Flag CTF, 2-Flag CTF and Hero CTF), and a Heroes vs. Villains mode (similar to the Hero Assault mode of Star Wars: Battlefront II), as well as the standard "Conquest" mode.

Galactic Conquest mode also allows players to connect and play with another PSP.[6]

The Customization feature is deeper than the previous game, Renegade Squadron. Unlike the previous game, Elite Squadron has eight classes, three of which are "Custom" classes that utilize the Customization system. The other classes that can be chosen are "Soldier", "Sniper", "Heavy", "Assault" and "Pilot". Act 3 in the campaign also introduces the story-specific "Jedi" class.


The Conquest Mode in Elite Squadron uses a points-based system as opposed to a traditional reinforcement counter. Capturing command posts is one of the main objectives, but players must also destroy the shields of the enemy capital ship in space, either by securing the planet's ion cannon and firing it on the enemy's ship to deplete its shields, or by flying into space and attacking the enemy ship with blasterfire. Once the enemy ship's shields have been depleted, players can board the ship to destroy the ship's main reactor to bring it down.

Heroes vs. Villains[]

Similar to the "Hero Assault" gameplay mode in Star Wars: Battlefront II, players can choose any of the game's playable heroes or villains to fight multiple copies of other heroes or villains. Unlike other Hero scenarios, these matches take place in a certain era.


Unlike the previous game, Elite Squadron features a modified class-based system.

  • Soldier: This class is armed with a Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators, Health and Ammo Packs, increased Stamina, and has Speed Level 2 and Capture Level 2.
  • Heavy: This class is armed with a Rocket Launcher, Blaster Pistol, DetPacks, Personal Shield, has Health Level 2, and has Capture Speed 1.
  • Assault: This class is armed with a Shotgun, Force Pike, Thermal Detonators, Health and Ammo packs, and has Health Level 2, Speed Level 1 and Capture Speed 1.
  • Sniper: This class is armed with a Sniper Rifle, TriShot, Mines, a Stealth Suit, and has Health level 1 and Speed Level 2.
  • Pilot: This class is armed with a Blaster Rifle, Fusion Cutter, DetPacks, Health and Ammo Packs, can repair vehicles automatically, and has Health level 2, Speed Level 1 and Capture Level 1.
  • Jedi: This class appears during the campaign mode, but cannot be unlocked for single or online play. The Jedi Class is armed with a lightsaber, and can use Saber Throw and Force Push.
  • Custom: There are three custom classes that use the game's Customization system.


Players are able to customize their soldier to fit the battle's needs. Players are able to pick preset classes with weapons already equipped. Some weapons are not available at the beginning of the game and must be unlocked by completing certain goals, such as completing the Campaign mode under a certain difficulty or earning certain Medals.

The player has 100 credits to spend on a unit's gear. Each item in a section has a certain value. The player can choose to equip whatever they want, provided that they have enough credits. Depending on the battle or the situation, the player can unequip certain items to regain credits and then equip a different item.

Weapon 1[]

Primary Weapons

  • None - 0 Credits
  • Blaster Rifle - 25 Credits: The Blaster rifle is a staple infantry weapon throughout the galaxy.
  • Arc Caster - 30 Credits: The Arc Caster fires a bolt of energy that has a chain effect on nearby enemies.
  • Carbonite Freeze Gun - 15 Credits: The Carbonite Freeze Gun freezes targets in place for a short time. The more charged the shot, the longer the victim will be immobilized. Subsequent fire can cause damage to infantry.
  • Incinerator - 20 Credits: The Incinerator emits an intense wave of flame that causes extreme damage to infantry at close range.
  • Shotgun - 30 Credits: The Shotgun fires a spread of bolts, making it deadly at close range.
  • Sniper Rifle - 25 Credits: The Sniper Rifle is a blaster rifle modified with added sights and accuracy for long-ranged efficiency. It also includes a scope for long-range shooting.
  • Chaingun - 40 Credits: A weapon that has great power, but requires a short time to charge up and will overheat after excessive use.
  • Bowcaster - 30 Credits: A Wookiee weapon that fires a spread of bolts. It can be charged for greater effect.
  • Rocket Launcher - 25 Credits: The Rocket Launcher fires a rocket that explodes on impact.
  • Lightsaber - The main weapon of a Jedi. The lightsaber cannot be used outside of the "Jedi" class.

Weapon 2[]

Secondary Weapons include typical sidearms.

  • Blaster Pistol - 5 Credits: This sidearm is commonly used as a backup weapon. It overheats after excessive use.
  • Fusion Cutter - 0 Credits: Repairs vehicles, turrets and supply droids. It can also slice into enemy vehicles, causing them to overheat.
  • TriShot - 15 Credits: A close range shotgun type weapon.
  • EMP Launcher - 25 Credits: Fires an electromagnetic pulse towards targets.
  • Explosive Blaster Pistol - 20 Credits: A blaster pistol firing bolts which explode upon impact, with a small amount of splash damage.
  • Grenade Launcher - 20 Credits: This weapon fires a volley grenades towards a target.
  • Wookiee Guided Rocket Launcher - 25 Credits: This rocket can be remotely controlled to hit enemies at long range.
  • Turbolaser strike - 20 Credits: Fires a beacon which, after a brief delay, triggers a turbolaser beam to hit the designated target.
  • Electrostaff - 10 Credits: A melee weapon made of phrik alloy.
  • Force Pike - 5 Credits: A melee weapon. It is somewhat less effective than the Electrostaff.


This class of weapon includes grenades.

  • None - 0 Credits
  • Thermal Detonator - 10 Credits: Standard issue explosives. Once thrown, they explode after a short delay.
  • Detpacks - 10 Credits: Once dropped, they are remotely detonated.
  • Proximity Mines - 10 Credits: This weapon is placed on surfaces and is triggered by proximity to an enemy unit.
  • Cluster Grenade - 15 Credits: A powerful grenade that explode in mid-air, separating into smaller charges that scatter and explode on contact.
  • Wrist Rocket - 20 Credits: Launched from the wrist, these rockets explode on contact.

Special Item[]

This feature adds a special item to the unit's arsenal.

  • None - 0 Credits
  • Health and Ammo - 10 Credits: Drops supplies onto the battlefront. Includes various medicines, emergency care tools and ammo.
  • Auto-Turret - 5 Credits: Useful for giving additional firepower and protection. Effective when placed to defend a command post.
  • Recon Droid - 10 Credits: This droid can be deployed and remotely controlled to gather intelligence. It carries its own blaster and has the ability to self-destruct.
  • Stealth Suit - 20 Credits: Technology to make yourself invisible. Drains your stamina while active.
  • Jet Pack - 30 Credits: Tap Jump while already in air to activate. Includes the ability to change altitude.
  • Jump Pack - 20 Credits: The Jump Pack adds altitude to a unit's jump height.
  • Personal Shield - 25 Credits: While the Shield is activated, damage is deflected. As a drawback, player movement is restricted.

Power Up[]

This feature adds a special, single-use attribute to a unit's arsenal.

  • None - 0 Credits
  • Rally - 10 Credits When activated, this power-up reduces the damage taken by the player and all nearby allies by 50% for a short time.
  • Rage - 15 Credits When activated, this power-up increases the damage of the player and all nearby allies by 50% for a short time.
  • Stamina - 5 Credits When activated, this power-up increases the stamina reserve of the player and all nearby allies for a short time.
  • Regenerate - 15 Credits When activated, this power-up gives the player and all nearby allies the ability to recover health for a short time.
  • Vehicle Auto Repair - 10 Credits A passive power-up which gradually repairs any vehicle or spacecraft that the player is using.


The Health upgrade sets a maximum level of health for a unit.

  • None. 0 Credits. Standard character Health.
  • Health Level 1. 10 Credits. 33% more Health.
  • Health Level 2. 20 Credits. 66% more Health.
  • Health Level 3. 30 Credits. 100% more Health


This upgrade bolsters the agility of a unit.

  • None. 0 Credits. 20% less Speed.
  • Speed Level 1. 10 Credits. Standard movement Speed.
  • Speed Level 2. 20 Credits. 40% more Speed.
  • Speed Level 3. 30 Credits. 60% more Speed.

Capture Rate[]

This upgrade determines the time taken for a unit to capture a Command Post. The upgrade also increases the unit's maximum level of stamina.

  • None. 0 Credits. Standard Capture Speed and Stamina
  • Capture Speed Level 1. 15 Credits. 2 times Standard Capture Speed, 33% more stamina.
  • Capture Speed Level 2. 25 Credits. 3 times Standard Capure Speed, 66% more stamina.
  • Capture Speed Level 3. 35 Credits. 4 times Standard Capture Speed, twice the standard stamina.


Personalization options for Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron are the same as the previous game, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, with the difference that new skins, markings and insignia must be unlocked by completing certain goals, such as completing campaign missions.

There are five options for Personalization: Body, Head, Color 1, Color 2 and Insignia. Each type of body has their own Head options. Each faction has its own Personalization menu with different options.

Rebel Alliance[]

Body Head 1 Head 2 Head 3
Rebel Commando Human Rodian Sullustan
Rebel Vanguard Human Bothan Mon Calamari
Wookiee Warrior Dreadlocked Wookiee Wookiee Chieftain Wookiee Bounty Hunter

Galactic Empire[]

Body Head 1 Head 2 Head 3
Biker Scout Biker Scout Death Star gunner Imperial Naval Officer
Stormtrooper Stormtrooper Snow trooper AT-AT Driver
Dark trooper Darktrooper Elite dark trooper Dark trooper commander


Body Head 1 Head 2 Head 3
Clone trooper Mk II Clone Pilot AT-RT Driver Clone trooper Mk II
ARC Trooper CC-2224 "Cody" CC-8826 "Neyo" Clone Commander
MEC Trooper Clone commando CC-1138 "Bacara" Clone Paratrooper


Body Head 1 Head 2 Head 3
Battle droid Battle droid Battledroid Mk II Battledroid Mk III
Super Battle Droid Super Battle Droid Super Battledroid Mk II Super Battledroid Mk III
Super MagnaGuard Super MagnaGuard IG Lancer Droid Pollux Assassin Droid

Color 1 List[]

The Primary color denotes the color of a unit's markings.

Note: Faction-specific vehicles will also adopt the Primary color.

White Black Yellow
Pink Teal Orange
Violet Green Terracotta
Purple Dark Green Red
Blue Olive Plum

Color 2 List[]

The Secondary color denotes the color used to decorate secondary details, such as armor seams.

White Black Navy Blue
Pale Green Dark Brown Steel Blue
Light Green Light Brown Stale Blue
Green Mustard Rose Brown
Dark Green Khaki Red Brown


The Symbol option allows players to select an insignia that will correspond to their character in Multiplayer and other modes.

Kuat Systems Engineering Old Republic
Cosmic Balance Sabrin Ring
Cygnus Spaceworks Desilijic Clan
Old Sith Empire Renegade Squadron
Black Sun Jedi Order

Unobtainable Units[]

The game features several units that can be seen in various scenarios during Campaign mode, but cannot be chosen in the Personalization menu:

Unobtainable Ships[]

Elite Squadron features many ships that are seen in various scenarios during Campaign mode but cannot be used in-game. Some are used by the player, but some others are non-playable.

  • ARC 170 fighters are used by X2 in the Coruscant and Cato Neimoidia scenarios. However, the 170 is not selectable in any other game mode.
  • TIE Interceptors can be seen in the Hoth scenario and some subsequent stages. They are AI units only.
  • TIE Defenders appear in the climactic Mustafar scenario. They are AI units only.
  • TIE Bombers appear in the Yavin 4 scenario and some subsequent stages. They are AI units only.

DS version Gameplay[]

The Nintendo DS version was developed by N-space, known for the DS installments to the Call of Duty series, World at War and Modern Warfare. It features eleven campaign missions and up to four players via wi-fi connection.[7] The game features no customization, but instead uses the traditional class-based system. It uses an isometric view, similar to a modern dungeon crawler.

The campaign mode progresses similarly to the PSP version. Principal differences include an absence of the Bespin mission, and Rahm Kota sends X2 to Geonosis to recover a captive Rebel unit (which would later become Grey Squadron). After being recruited by Kota, X2 is sent to the Desolation Station to sabotage the Empire's efforts to build the first Death Star. Lastly, X2 attacks X1's fortress on Dathomir instead of Vjun.

Instant Action[]

Unlike classic Battlefront games, Instant Action is played with only four players. Usually, each player is from each faction.

There are three modes - Free-For-All, Team Game and Hero Mode. Games are won in space by destroying enemy ships to earn points, in capital ships by collecting R2 units, and on the ground by capturing command posts and killing enemies.

There are four classes to choose from: Heavy, Assault, Engineer and Spy. The Heavy class is armed with a Minigun, Rocket Launcher and Detpacks. The Assault class is armed with a Blaster Rifle, a Shotgun and thermal detonators. Engineers are armed with ARC casters, grenade launchers and Sentry Droids. The Spy class is armed with dual blaster pistols, a disruptor rifle and cluster grenades.

As usual, the four factions to choose from are CIS, Republic, Rebellion and Empire.

Behind the scenes[]

The game bears a striking resemblance to alleged videos of gameplay from, and later on a leaked XBox360 build of, Free Radical Design's canceled Star Wars: Battlefront III, in that, although unnamed, X1, X2, Falon Grey and Jedi Master Ferroda are present in the video, and several cutscenes from the game also appear. The PSP version contains a logo for Star Wars: Battlefront III, and a file list also refers to that game. Certain story elements shown in the trailer appear exclusively in the DS version of the game, such as X2 tracking X1's fortress to Dathomir instead of Vjun. The concept of space-to-ground is also similar to this game, though Elite Squadron utilises cutscenes to transition between the three battle areas due to the limitations of the PSP.

This is the first game to feature Rahm Kota, a character of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed outside of the series.

This game marks the return of classes, last seen in Star Wars: Battlefront II. However the classes change only the weapons loadout of the unit and not its appearance.

This game is, chronologically, the first to introduce the concept of cloned Jedi. The next game would be Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

Heroes are now able to appear on capital ships, whereas in the previous game players had to enter space to use a hero's spaceship, though it is possible to make the hero fight in the enemy capital ship by landing the hero's ship in it.


Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron has received mixed reviews on both platforms. IGN gave the PSP version a 6 out of 10, stating that it was "Hampered by bland, repetitive play and old control issues".[8] Gamespot gave it a 7.0 out of 10, commending its campaign mode and its three linked battlefronts, as well as the customization options it provides. Gamespot, however, criticized the little impact that the space battles had on the overall outcome, and the controls, calling them "stiff and awkward".[9] The DS version received a 6.9 out of 10 from IGN, praising the single-player storyline but stating that the Instant Action feature "leaves a lot to be desired".[10]


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