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The Star Wars Blog was the official blog on It has since been merged into the official site's "News + Blog" section.

It features contributions by Albin Johnson, Ashley Eckstein, Bryan Young, Casey Pugh, Dave Filoni, Jennifer Landa, Jonathan W. Rinzler, Katie Cook, Leland Chee, Mary Franklin, Pablo Hidalgo, Peter Vilmur, Stephen J. Sansweet and the Team.

It replaced the Star Wars: Blogs prior to the 2011 website revamp, where multiple users could create their own blogs on

Starting on September 9, 2013, the blog began running a top-ten list called "The Ten," which involves the top ten aspects of a category of Star Wars chosen by the blog's staff. The first top-ten list featured lightsaber duels and the second featured starfighters.

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