Star Wars Book X: Mutiny at Mon Cala is the tenth story arc Marvel Comics' ongoing series Star Wars. The arc comprises issues 44-49 of the series.


Color code key:
Collected (TPB) issue Released issue Future issue
Issue Title Publication Date Trade Paperback
44 "Mutiny at Mon Cala, Part I" March 7, 2018[2]
Vol. 8:
Mutiny at Mon Cala

August 7, 2018
45 "Mutiny at Mon Cala, Part II" March 21, 2018[2]
46 "Mutiny at Mon Cala, Part III" April 4, 2018[4]
47 "Mutiny at Mon Cala, Part IV" May 2, 2018[5]
48 "Mutiny at Mon Cala, Part V" May 23, 2018[5]
49 "Mutiny at Mon Cala, Part VI" June 6, 2018[6]


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