Star Wars Comic 1 is the first issue of the magazine Star Wars Comic (volume 7 of Star Wars Comic UK) published by Titan Magazines. It was released on January 9, 2014.

Publisher's summary[]

Welcome, Padawans, bounty hunters and Sith Lords, to the very first issue of your all-new STAR WARS COMIC! Whether you're a Phantom Menace fanatic, Clone Wars convert or A New Hope aficionado, Star Wars is the comic for you! But don't worry — Ahsoka, Captain Rex, Cad Bane and the gang haven't gone anywhere: here at Star Wars Comic we're still going to be hanging out with your fave Clone Wars characters, alongside heroes and villains from all six awesome Star Wars movies! What's not to love?! So turn over the page to meet the heroes of the Rebel Alliance and their enemies in the Galactic Empire, get under the skin of the one-and-only Millennium Falcon and read a brand-new comic strip featuring an older Obi-Wan and his new apprentice: Luke Skywalker![1]

Comic strip[]

This issue includes the comic strip War on the Jundland Wastes.

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