"Published by Chronicle, it's being packaged by Becker&Mayer!, who have made many books for us (The Jedi Path, Book of Sith, etc.) and who do a really, really fantastic job. They set up shop in the Lucasfilm Archives and re-created pretty much every classic costume in the building, from slave Leia to Luke's X-wing pilot outfit, to Boba Fett and Darth Vader to Han Solo and Chewbacca to Ackbar."
Jonathan W. Rinzler[2]

Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy is a reference book by Brandon Alinger on the costumes featured in the original trilogy. It was released on October 28, 2014, and includes three single gatefolds, as well as forewords by John Mollo, Aggie Rodgers, and Nilo Rodis-Jamero.

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Who can forget the first time they saw Darth Vader with his black cape and mask? The white hard-body suit of the stormtroopers? Or Leia's outfit as Jabba's slave? These costumes—like so many that adorned the characters of that galaxy far, far away—have become iconic. For the first time, the Lucasfilm Archives has unpacked the original costumes to be revealed in breathtaking detail.

Featuring all-new photography, Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy affords both new and longtime Star Wars fans the opportunity to examine the stormtrooper armor and discover how it changed from movie to movie; explore Boba Fett's suit and inspect the rarely seen details of his blaster and jetpack; compare the helmets and jumpsuits of the rebel fighters; and study the details of the Hoth fighter uniforms.

This lavish large-format book not only showcases high-quality photography of each costume, it also pairs these stunning images with original sketches, behind-the-scenes photographs, production notes, and stories.[3]


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