Star Wars Droids: The Kalarba Adventures is a trade paperback published by Dark Horse Comics in June 1995. With an introduction by Anthony Daniels, The Kalarba Adventures collects the Droids Special, issues 1-6 of Star Wars Droids: The Kalarba Adventures, the short comic issue Artoo's Day Out, and production sketches from Droids.

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"Three movies and countless spin-off activities later, these comic books echo the spirit of Artoo-Detoo and See-Threepio to the letter. Some of the pages are as convincing in character to me, as though I were actually there, playing the part. When a character you have created and loved has been reproduced commercially in every way from bubble bath to bubble gum, you can get a little protective. But with these stories, I know Threepio is safe."
―Anthony Daniels[src]


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