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Star Wars Eclipse is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Quantic Dream and set during the High Republic Era. Featuring a cast of multiple playable characters, it is planned to allow players to change the events of the story based on their decisions in-game. Announced on December 9, 2021, Eclipse currently has no release date.

Publisher's summary[]

As the first video game to be set in the era of The [sic] High Republic, the multimedia initiative that launched with publishing earlier this year, Star Wars Eclipse will feature an original story and unique new characters, each with their own paths, abilities, and roles to play in the tapestry of events that could alter the carefully balanced peace in an uncharted section of the Outer Rim.[1]


The game is set to feature multiple playable characters as well as branching paths and story choices that players can make to change the outcome of the game.[1]


The game had its world premiere trailer at The Game Awards on December 9, 2021, and was announced to be in early stages of development at studio Quantic Dream.[3] CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière stated in September 2022 that although Eclipse would play differently than the studio's previous titles, the game will retain the "fundamental elements" associated with Quantic Dream, with an emphasis on strong characters and story.[4]


Eclipse is set to take place during the High Republic Era,[1] a time period originally developed for the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project that officially began in January 2021 with the release of Charles Soule's novel Light of the Jedi.[5] Although announced as the first video game to take place during this era,[1] Eclipse was preceded by the 2020 VR experience Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge and its 2021 sequel Last Call; both games feature segments set during the High Republic Era wherein the player takes control of the Jedi Ady Sun'Zee.[6][7]


In March 2022, a report from the site Xfire circulated, speculating that the release of Eclipse had been delayed by several years. Quantic Dream refuted these claims, stating that the game could not have been delayed since no release date had been publicly announced.[8]


The announcement of Eclipse's development at the 2021 Game Awards was met with mixed reactions. The game's cinematic reveal trailer on the official Star Wars Youtube channel gained over eight million views within its first week.[9] Reviewers reacted positively to the trailer, with praise going toward its scope, visual style, and mood, sentiments that were echoed by a number of general fans.[9][10][11]

Others, however, took issue with the involvement of developer Quantic Dream in a Star Wars project. The French studio had previously been the subject of controversy after becoming involved in legal battles concerning the allegedly harsh working conditions in place at the studio. Other negative opinions were directed toward the idea of Quantic's founders, de Fondaumière and David Cage, working within the Star Wars universe, as the developers had been accused of "perpetuat[ing] a provocative and bigoted culture of harassment" within the studio.[9] Cage in particular was met with criticism for derogatory statements he reportedly made in court directed towards women and LGBTQIA+ individuals. Some fans felt these comments came at odds with the High Republic setting, since the associated multimedia project had introduced a number of prominent queer characters into Star Wars storytelling.[9][12]

In response to the game's announcement, the hashtag #BlackoutStarWarsEclipse was spread on Twitter by popular individuals in the fan community. Some supporters of the movement hoped that this response would result in LGBTQIA+ developers being hired onto the project, while others wished for the removal of Cage or Quantic Dream from the game entirely.[12] A numbers of fans felt that this pushback against Eclipse was "overblown" and an example of "cancel culture."[9] Neither Lucasfilm nor Quantic Dream responded to press inquiries about the controversy in the immediate aftermath of the movement.[9][12]


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