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You may be looking for the Sega arcade game Star Wars Racer Arcade.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer is a racing game released by LucasArts for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, Macintosh, and Dreamcast platforms.

It is a racing game that is based on the podracing scene from Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, putting the player in the cockpit of 23 (25 counting cheat code character replacements in the Nintendo 64 version) different podracers on 25 different tracks on 8 unique worlds. Jake Lloyd, Andrew Secombe, Lewis MacLeod, Greg Proops, and Scott Capurro all reprise their roles from the movie.

Opening crawl[]

For generations, the GALACTIC PODRACING
CIRCUIT has thrilled citizens of the Outer
Rim Territories with its fast and dangerous
contests of repulsor and turbine-driven
land vehicles.

Amid the ruffian and racing elite, one
champion stands above the rest. His name
is Sebulba, a cunning and ruthless pilot
who wins by any means necessary.

To challenge him, all the best Podrace
pilots gather on the desert planet Tatooine
for the legendary BOONTA CLASSIC
determined to claim the title of fastest
podracer in the Galaxy...

Tournament structure[]

Players can enter the tournament with a character, wherein placing first, second, or third earns the player prize winnings (if chosen) and unlocks the champion of the track. Not all tracks feature unlockable racers; however, winning a race also unlocks new tracks. With the prize money, players can buy upgrades for their podracers.

Amateur Podracing Circuit[]

Sebulba races through the winter terrain of Ando Prime.

  1. Boonta Training Course (Sebulba)
  2. Mon Gazza Speedway (Teemto Pagalies)
  3. Beedo's Wild Ride (Aldar Beedo)
  4. Aquilaris Classic (Clegg Holdfast)
  5. Malastare 100 (Dud Bolt)
  6. Vengeance (Fud Sang)
  7. Spice Mine Run (Mars Guo)

Semipro Podracing Circuit[]

  1. Sunken City ("Bullseye" Navior)
  2. Howler Gorge (Ratts Tyerell)
  3. Dug Derby (Elan Mak)
  4. Scrapper's Run (Wan Sandage)
  5. Zugga Challenge (Boles Roor)
  6. Baroo Coast (Neva Kee)
  7. Bumpy's Breakers (Ark "Bumpy" Roose)

Galactic Podracing Circuit[]

  1. Executioner (Toy Dampner)
  2. Sebulba's Legacy (Sebulba)
  3. Grabvine Gateway (Anakin Skywalker)
  4. Andobi Mountain Run (Mawhonic)
  5. Dethro's Revenge (Ody Mandrell)
  6. Fire Mountain Rally (Ebe Endocott)
  7. The Boonta Classic (Sebulba)

Invitational Podracing Circuit[]

  1. Ando Prime Centrum (Slide Paramita)
  2. Abyss (Bozzie Baranta)
  3. The Gauntlet (Gasgano)
  4. Inferno (Ben Quadinaros)


Starting Racers[]

Unlockable Racers[]

Cheat Code Racers[]


R20Repulsorgrip-SWE1R.jpg R-20 Repulsorgrip 250 truguts
R60Repulsorgrip-SWE1R.jpg R-60 Repulsorgrip 400 truguts
R80Repulsorgrip-SWE1R.jpg R-80 Repulsorgrip 600 truguts
R100RepulsorGrip-SWE1R.jpg R-100 Repulsorgrip 1200 truguts
R300Repulsorgrip-SWE1R.jpg R-300 Repulsorgrip 2600 truguts
R600Repulsorgrip-SWE1R.jpg R-600 Repulsorgrip 6000 truguts
ControlLinkage-SWE1R.jpg Control Linkage 200 truguts
ControlShiftPlate-SWE1R.jpg Control Shift Plate 400 truguts
ControlVectroJet-SWE1R.jpg Control Vectro-Jet 700 truguts
ControlCoupling-SWE1R.jpg Control Coupling 1600 truguts
ControlNozzle-SWE1R.jpg Control Nozzle 3800 truguts
ControlStabilizer-SWE1R.jpg Control Stabilizer 7500 truguts
Dual20PCXInjector-SWE1R.jpg Dual 20 PCX Injector 800 truguts
44PCXInjector-SWE1R.jpg 44 PCX Injector 2200 truguts
Dual32PCXInjector-SWE1R.jpg Dual 32 PCX Injector 5600 truguts
Quad32PCXInjector-SWE1R.jpg Quad 32 PCX Injector 7000 truguts
Quad44Injector-SWE1R.jpg Quad 44 Injector 10400 truguts
Mag6Injector-SWE1R.jpg Mag-6 Injector 14000 truguts
Top Speed
PLUG2.jpg Plug2 Thrust Coil 1000 truguts
PLUG 3.jpg Plug3 Thrust Coil 2400 truguts
PLUG5.jpg Plug5 Thrust Coil 6000 truguts
Plug8.jpg Plug8 Thrust Coil 14000 truguts
BLOCK5.jpg Block5 Thrust Coil 17500 truguts
Block6thrustcoil.jpg Block6 Thrust Coil 20000 truguts
Air Brake
MARK II.jpg Mark II Air Brake 700 truguts
MARK III.jpg Mark III Air Brake 1400 truguts
MARK IV.jpg Mark IV Air Brake 3600 truguts
MARK V.jpg Mark V Air Brake 7000 truguts
Tri-Jet Air Brake.jpg Tri-Jet Air Brake 10400 truguts
QUADRIJET.jpg Quadrijet Air Brake 14000 truguts
Coolant Radiator.jpg Coolant Radiator 50 truguts
STACK-3.jpg Stack-3 Radiator 100 truguts
Stack6.jpg Stack-6 Radiator 300 truguts
Rod Coolant Pump.jpg Rod Coolant Pump 900 truguts
Dual Coolant Pump.jpg Dual Coolant Pump 2700 truguts
Turbo Coolant Pump.jpg Turbo Coolant Pump 5400 truguts
Single Power Cell.jpg Single Power Cell 150 truguts
Dual Power Cell.jpg Dual Power Cell 300 truguts
Quad Power Cell.jpg Quad Power Cell 800 truguts
Cluster Power Plug.jpg Cluster Power Plug 1400 truguts
Rotary Power Plug.jpg Rotary Power Plug 4000 truguts
Cluster2 Power Plug.jpg Cluster2 Power Plug 7000 truguts

Other versions[]

PC version[]

The PC version has different cheat codes, as well as additional cut scenes for the racetracks introductions as well as an opening cinematic (scenes of which were re-created with in-game models and tracks in the N64 version). It should be noted that in the PC's opening movie, Gasgano is seen being knocked out of the Boonta Eve Classic by Sebulba, though other sources list Gasgano as having finished the race. The music is vastly superior in the PC version (it plays from the CD and is in WAV format), and the speedometer uses vector graphics instead of raster graphics in the N64 version, for a superior effect. Also, the title screen is different, and the PC version supports multiplayer over IPX, instead of multiplayer on the same platform.

Game Boy Color Version[]

The Nintendo Game Boy Color version of the game is notably different from the other versions. Tracks are played out like Drag Races, as in there is one lap. Players race against a track favorite, and winning will grant the player a new character to play as. In addition, at the game's start only Anakin Skywalker is available. All of the racers, except Neva Kee, appear, but only a handful of the planets remain. The planets in this version are Tatooine, Ando Prime, Baroonda, Mon Gazza, and Malastare. However, each planet has four different courses. Upon beating four races on one planet, players may duel Sebulba. If they win, they gain Sebulba's pod. If they lose a future race, they lose Sebulba's pod until they unlock it again.

Gameboy Color Planets and Courses[]

Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch release[]

Twenty-one years after the original release of the game, it received an HD re-release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch that added local multiplayer functionality. It was originally scheduled for May 12, 2020, but was delayed and eventually released on June 23 of that same year.[5] The Switch version also supports motion controls, allowing players to use them to operate the individual throttles of the podracer's twin engines.[6]

Xbox One[]

The Xbox One version released on October 27, 2020.[4]


In March 2004, GMR Magazine rated Episode I Racer the fifth best Star Wars game of all time. WatchMojo.com ranked the game as an honorable mention in a Top 10 Star Wars Video Games list.[7]

Review scores
Publication Score
IGN 7.6 of 10 (N64) 8.0 of 10 (PC)
GameSpot 8.4 of 10
EGM 9.5/9.0/9.0/9.0 (N64) 8.0/8.0/8.0 (PC version)
Compilations of multiple reviews
Game Rankings 76 of 100


In the Episode I novel and movie, Anakin Skywalker's podracer was clocked at 941 kph (about 585 mph), granting it the title "Fastest Podracer in the Galaxy". Episode I Racer disregards this information because podracers, with maximum acceleration, could achieve speeds of 1046.1 kph (650 miles per hour) without boosting.

Also, in the game, Ben Quadinaros's podracer had a boost thrust of +643.7 kph (400 mph), which is double the boost thrust of Anakin's pod, 321.9 kph (200 mph), thus granting Quadinaros's pod a stunning top speed of 1689.8 kph, (1050mph) which is the fastest speed of all podracers, on a flat surface.

Strangely, the game also shows Anakin Skywalker potentially racing on a number of planets, and even being favored for a race track on the planet Baroonda, even though there is very little (if any) indication that he ever raced on any planet other than Tatooine. Therefore, it is likely that any involvement he had with podracing on these other planets would be non-canon in the Legends continuity



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