The Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones soundtrack was released on April 23, 2002 by Sony Classical. The music was composed and conducted by John Williams, and performed by the London Voices and London Symphony Orchestra.

For a limited time, the CD shipped with a bonus CD-ROM featuring a PC screensaver and a total of four alternate covers (each sold separately). A Target-exclusive edition featured the bonus track "On The Conveyor Belt."

Four different soundtrack covers, each sold separately, were distributed at the time, one featuring Yoda, another featuring Anakin and Padmé, a third featuring Jango Fett, and the fourth featuring the film's final poster art.

Due to the editing in the film, several effects were used to aid in transitions between edited cues. Several moments use a chime sound such as the transition from the Obi-Wan Kamino moments to the Anakin/Padmé Naboo scenes. The Arena, for example, is almost completely tracked out and instead is replaced with "source" crowd sounds such as drums.

Once the Battle of Geonosis begins, the editing becomes extensive, pulling from both The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, utilizing all forms of editing and supplementing transitions with timpani rolls. This was originally planned by John Williams and George Lucas.

Track listing[]

  1. Star Wars Main Title and Ambush on Coruscant – 3:46 Listen
  2. Across the Stars (Love Theme from Attack of the Clones) – 5:33 Listen
  3. Zam The Assassin and The Chase Through Coruscant – 11:07
  4. Yoda and the Younglings – 3:55
  5. Departing Coruscant – 1:44
  6. Anakin and Padmé – 3:57
  7. Jango's Escape – 3:48
  8. The Meadow Picnic – 4:14
  9. Bounty Hunter's Pursuit – 3:23
  10. Return to Tatooine – 6:57
  11. The Tusken Camp and The Homestead – 5:54
  12. Love Pledge and The Arena – 8:29 Listen
  13. Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale – 10:45
  14. On the Conveyor Belt – 3:02 (Target exclusive bonus track)

Score information[]

Little is known about the score. Due to the unpopularity of the two-disc Phantom Menace Ultimate Edition, no attempt was made to release more of the score.

The CD track "Zam The Assassin And The Chase Through Coruscant" contains the only appearance of an electric guitar in a Star Wars movie soundtrack. The director however did not like the guitar and chose not to feature it in the film.

Cue list[]

  • 1M1 Main Title
  • 1M2 The Arrival at Coruscant
  • 1M3 Thwarted Attempt
  • 1M4 The Meeting of Anakin and Padme
  • 1M5 She Hardly Recognized Me
  • 1M6 Zam's Dirty Trick
  • 1M7A Zam's Chase Pt. 1
  • 1M7B Zam in Pursuit
  • 2M1 Zam is Eliminated
  • 2M2 Palpatine's Plotting
  • 2M3 Departure
  • 2M4 [UNTITLED - Dex's Diner Source]
  • 2M5 The Library Scene
  • 2M6 Lunch and the Younglings
  • 2M7 Approaching Naboo Palace
  • 3M1 Finding Kamino
  • 3M1Insert [Untitled]
  • 3M2 Visiting the Prime Minister
  • 3M3 The First Kiss
  • 3M4 Interior Tipoca City
  • 3M5 The Meadow Scene
  • 3M5R The Meadow Scene (Revised)
  • 3M6 The Meeting With Fett
  • 3M7 The Dinner Scene
  • 3M8 Rainy Ramp and Anakin's Nightmare
  • 3M9 Anakin Thinks of His Mother [PRE-PLANNED TRACKED MUSIC]
  • 4M1 The Jango Fett Fight
  • 4M2 Watto Describes Mothers Fate
  • 4M3 The Spare Canister Caper
  • 4M4 The Arrival at Tatooine
  • 4M5 Obi-Wan Eavesdropping
  • 4M6 Rescuing Mother
  • 4M7 Exacting Revenge
  • 5M1A Carrying Mother Home
  • 5M1B Anakin Changes
  • 5M2 Smee's Funeral
  • 5M3 The Commerce Guild Prepares For War
  • 5M4 Going to Rescue Obi-Wan [PRE-PLANNED TRACKED MUSIC]
  • 5M5 Finding the Conveyor Belt
  • 5M6 The Conveyor Belt
  • 5M6Insert
  • 5M7 The Senate Scene
  • 6M1 Love Pledge
  • 6M2 Entrance of the Monsters
  • 6M2 Sweetner
  • 6M5 Padme Falls
  • 7M1 Dooku Versus Obi-Wan
  • 7M2 Yoda Strikes Back
  • 7M3 Finale
  • End Credits
  • EC "Updated Gelb Version"

Critical reaction[]

Unlike the other soundtracks, this one has been criticized for being too short.[source?] However, with an over 73-minute running time (longer for the Target edition), its length is on par with the original releases of all the other Star Wars film soundtracks except Return of the Jedi, which clocked in at a mere 46 minutes upon initial release.


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