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The Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi score was recorded at the Abbey Road studios in January and February 1983 by the London Symphony Orchestra. The score won another Oscar nomination for John Williams. Because of the decrease of popularity for the vinyl format, Return of the Jedi, which has the longest score of the original trilogy, was only released on one LP instead of two like the scores for its predecessors, A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

Complete Score: cue list and breakdown[]

Cue # Cue Title Length Notes
1m2 Main Title
1m3 Approaching the Death Star
1m4 Vader Contacts Luke
1m5 The Iron Door
1m6-2m1 To Jabba's Throne
2m2 Jabba Source #1
2m3 My Favorite Decoration
Jabba source. Called "Lapti Nek" on OST and Anthology.

Multiple versions exist:

  • The version used in the original movie, sung by Annie Arbogast is unreleased but can be heard in From Star Wars to Jedi.
  • Instrumental of film version, unreleased but can be heard on the Return of the Jedi radio drama
  • The English version "Fancy Man" is unreleased but can be heard in two documentaries (From Star Wars to Jedi and Classic Creatures)
  • The album version is a complete rerecording, this time sung by Michele Gruska
2m5 Jabba's Prisoners
unreleased and unused source music
3m2 The Big Thaw
3m2x2 Jabba More Sinister
3m3 A Strange Visitor
3m4-4m1 Fight in the Dungeon
4m1a The Sentence
unreleased Max Rebo sail barge source cue
4m3 The Sarlacc Pit
4m4 Jabba's End
4m4r Jabba's End
4m5 The Emperor
5m1-6m1 pt. 1 Yoda's Scene
5m1-6m1 pt. 2 Luke and Ben
6m2 Battle Plans
6m3 Faking the Code
6m4 Jungle Encounter
7m1 After the Bike Chase
7m2 Enter the Ewok
7m3-8m1 More Trouble
8m2 More Ewoks Appear
8m3 Ewok source music
8m4 Using the Force
8m5 Bedtime Stories
8m6-9m1 Ewok source music
9m2 Brother and Sister
9m3 Son Meets Father
9m4 Finding an Entrance
9m5 The Fleet Enters Hyperspace
9m6-10m1 Heroic Ewok
10m2 The Emperor Confronts Luke
10m3 Into the Trap
10m4 Rebel Forces Captured
10m5-11m1 First Ewok Battle
11m2 Fight with TIE Fighters
11m3 The Ewoks Retreat
11m4 The Emperor Provokes Luke
11m5 The Ewok Battle
11m6-12m1 Leia is Wounded
12m2 The Battle Rages
12m3 Vader Stalks Luke
12m4 The Explosion
12m5 The Emperor's Death
12m6-13m1 Space Battle
13m2 Vader's Death
13m3 Through the Flames
13m4 Leia Breaks the News
13m4 New
13m4r The Force Theme
13m5 known as "Yub Nub"
13m5a orchestral ending of "Yub Nub", recorded separately
End Titles

Concert Suites:

Cue # Cue Title Length Notes
Jabba the Hutt
Parade of the Ewoks
Brother and Sister
The Battle in the Woods
album version of Ewok celebration music ("Yub Nub"), different from film cue

New music recorded for Special Edition:

Cue # Cue Title Length Notes
Known as "Jedi Rocks", replaced Lapti Nek
13m5r New Finale replaced "Yub Nub"

Track listing for the first release on LP[]

Side one[]

  1. Main Title (The Story Continues) – 5:09
  2. Into the Trap – 2:36
  3. Luke and Leia – 4:44
  4. Parade of the Ewoks – 3:25
  5. Han Solo Returns (At the Court of Jabba The Hutt) – 4:10
  6. Lapti Nek (Jabba's Palace Band) – 2:49

Side two[]

  1. The Forest Battle – 4:01
  2. Rebel Briefing – 2:22
  3. The Emperor – 2:41
  4. The Return of the Jedi – 5:02
  5. Ewok Celebration and Finale – 8:00

Total Time: 44:59

Track listing for the first release on CD by Polydor[]

  1. Main Title Star Wars – 5:09
  2. Into the Trap – 2:36
  3. Luke and Leia – 4:43
  4. Parade of the Ewoks – 3:24
  5. Han Solo Returns (At the Court of Jabba The Hutt) – 4:07
  6. Lapti Nek – 2:48
  7. The Forest Battle – 4:01
  8. Rebel Briefing – 2:19
  9. The Emperor – 2:40
  10. The Return of the Jedi – 5:00
  11. Ewok Celebration and Finale – 7:57

Total Time: 45:40

Star Wars Trilogy: The Original Soundtrack Anthology[]

In 1993, Twentieth Century Fox Film Scores released a four-CD box set containing music from the original Star Wars trilogy. Disc three in the set was devoted to Return of the Jedi, with further tracks on disc four.

Track listing for the Special Edition release[]

The two-CD expanded edition on RCA (1997) and Sony (September 21, 2004) contained the 1997 remix of the score. (It was falsely advertised with the legend "Now available on RCA (1997) and Sony Classical (2004) presenting the complete score.")

Disc one[]

  1. 20th Century Fox Fanfare (Alfred Newman, 1954) – 0:22
  2. Main Title/Approaching the Death Star/Tatooine Rendezvous* – 9:21
    • contains the hidden track "Death Star in Disarray" (source music counterpart to "Darth Vader's Death") at 5:04–5:38
  3. The Droids Are Captured* 1:21
  4. Bounty for a Wookiee* – 2:50
  5. Han Solo Returns** – 4:01
  6. Luke Confronts Jabba*/Den of the Rancor/Sarlacc Sentence* – 8:51
  7. The Pit of Carkoon*/Sail Barge Assault – 6:02
  8. The Emperor Arrives/The Death of Yoda/Obi-Wan's Revelation* – 10:58
  9. Alliance Assembly* – 2:13
  10. Shuttle Tydirium Approaches Endor – 4:09
  11. Speeder Bike Chase*/Land of the Ewoks* – 9:38
  12. The Levitation*/Threepio's Bedtime Story* – 2:46
  13. Jabba's Baroque Recital* – 3:09
  14. Jedi Rocks* – 2:42
  15. Sail Barge Assault (Alternate) – 5:04

Total Time: 73:16

Disc two[]

  1. Parade of the Ewoks – 3:28
  2. Luke and Leia – 4:46
  3. Brother and Sister/Father and Son*/The Fleet Enters Hyperspace**/Heroic Ewok – 10:40
  4. The Emperor's Throne Room – 3:26
  5. The Battle of Endor I – 11:50
    1. Into the Trap – 2:30
    2. Forest Ambush* – 2:00
    3. Scout Walker Scramble – 2:04
    4. The Prime Weapon Fires – 5:16
  6. The Lightsaber*/The Ewok Battle – 4:31
  7. The Battle of Endor II – 10:03
    1. Leia Is Wounded – 1:02
    2. The Duel Begins – 1:51
    3. Overtaking The Bunker* – 1:00
    4. The Dark Side Beckons – 3:33
    5. The Emperor's Death – 2:37
  8. The Battle of Endor III – 6:04
    1. Superstructure Chase* – 1:53
    2. Darth Vader's Death – 2:34
    3. The Main Reactor – 1:36
  9. Leia's News/Light of the Force – 3:24
  10. Victory Celebration*/End Title – 8:34
  11. Ewok Feast*/Part of the Tribe* – 4:02
  12. The Forest Battle (Concert Suite) – 4:05

Total Time: 74:47

*previously unreleased

**contains previously unreleased material

Notes and references[]