Star Wars Galaxies: The Ruins of Dantooine is a Legends novel written by Voronica Whitney-Robinson, with W. Haden Blackman. It is based on the video game Star Wars Galaxies, and it was first published by Del Rey on December 30, 2003. A prequel short story titled "Pearls in the Sand" was written by Whitney-Robinson and published in 2004.

Publisher's summary[]

It is a time of great turmoil. The oppressive Empire is close to seizing complete control of the galaxy. The ragtag guerrilla army of the Rebel Alliance fights on, striking wherever it can, but now something has come to light that could spell certain doom. Hidden in the Jedi ruins of Dantooine is a Holocron containing a list of high-level Rebel sympathizers. If that list were to fall into the hands of Darth Vader, the Rebel Alliance would lose its most valued support—and possibly the war itself.

As an Imperial bioengineer who frequently visits other worlds, Dusque Mistflier is the perfect cover for a Rebel who needs to travel far and wide without arousing suspicion. And so she agrees to help Rebel spy Finn Darktrin in his quest to recover the crucial Holocron. Despite help from Han, Luke, and Leia, the mission is fraught with peril. And as their journey takes them into the fiery belly of the beast that is galactic civil war, Dusque and Dinn will learn that the hardest part of all is figuring out whose side you're on—and how far you're willing to go to win....

Plot summary[]

Two turncoats from the Galactic Empire, Dusque Mistflier and Finn Darktrin, side with the Rebel Alliance to recover vital information from the abandoned Rebel base on the planet Dantooine. This information concerns with potential Jedi throughout the galaxy; if the Empire get their hands on it, whatever chance that the Jedi Order has of restoring itself is lost; if the Rebels get their hands on it, there is still hope. Eventually, despite many obstacles and dangers in their way, Dusque and Finn retrieve the information. However, it turns out that Finn has been an Imperial spy this whole time as he betrays Dusque, nearly kills her and takes off with the information he has. Though the information is incomplete, he is not killed by Darth Vader for his partial failure.



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