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Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures is an animated micro-series that debuted on StarWarsKids.com and YouTube on October 14, 2021.

Official description[]

Join adventurous droid SF-R3 ("Aree"), a member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts, as he journeys across the galaxy to learn everything there is to know about wildlife.[1]


The idea of Galaxy of Creatures, was a pitch from Disney production group Eastham Studios to create a show focusing on pets from the Star Wars galaxy.[4]

When it was decided to have a droid as the lead character, the team originally wanted a pit droid. However, Matt Martin didn't like the idea of having a droid designed for a specific purpose do another. So, the safari droid was created in replacement, while still having features similar to that of a pit droid.[4] Aree was voiced by voice actor Matt Surges, and he was very thrilled that he voiced the character.[2]

The idea for the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts was based off of the Adventurers' Club of New York and National Geographic Society. The team behind the show felt that researching and preserving wildlife was just as important in the galaxy far, far away as it was on Earth.[4]


On October 14, 2021, the show was announced and the first two episodes "Porgs" and "Bantha" were released. Every Thursday, two episodes were released until the show met its 12-episode run time on November 18, 2021. The show was released on StarWarsKids.com and YouTube.[1] In 2023, Galaxy of Creatures began a new season, with new episodes releasing every Tuesday.[5]


Alongside the release of the show, Lucasfilm created online activities and certificates.[6][1] Also released were an assortment of plushes as part of the Stitchlings™ line by Mattel,[7][1] as well as t-shirts and other clothing items.[1]

On January 4, 2022, Galaxy of Creatures, a tie-in World of Reading book, was published by Disney–Lucasfilm Press.[8]


Building off of the success of Galaxy of Creatures, Jason Stein, the creative executive in Animation Development and Production, and the production team saw an opporunity to create a spinoff that would show younglings in a new series, which became Star Wars Galactic Pals. They decided that caring for young creatures and aliens would require a specialized member of the Society to handle them, and this led to the creation of Miree and her camera droid CAM-E.[9]


Season Episodes First airdate Last airdate
October 14, 2021[1]
November 18, 2021[10]
January 17, 2023[12]
February 21, 2023[11]


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