Star Wars Insider is the official Star Wars magazine and traces its lineage back to the Official Star Wars Fan Club Newsletter and its successor, Bantha Tracks.


In 1994, the Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine was rebranded the Star Wars Insider to coincide with the release of the TIE Fighter video game from LucasArts.

Issues 62–76 were published by Paizo Publishing, from October 2002 to May 2004.

Issues 77–92 were published by IDG Entertainment, from August 2004 to February 2007.

It was announced at Celebration IV in 2007 that the Star Wars Insider would be moving to a new publisher, Titan Magazines, a UK-based company and the world's largest publisher of genre magazines.[source?]

In April 2008, Star Wars Insider published its 100th issue, following the North American numerical system, which differs significantly from its UK counterpart. From Star Wars Insider 107 to Star Wars Insider 174 it has been edited by Jonathan Wilkins. At issue 175, Will Salmon took over as editor, and was in turn succeeded by Chris Cooper.

French edition[]

There is also a Star Wars Insider in France since April 21, 2015.

Issues 1–22 The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine Hyperspace
Issues 23–50 Star Wars Insider Hyperspace
Issues 51–61 Star Wars Insider Wizards of the Coast
Issues 62–76 Star Wars Insider Paizo Publishing
Issues 77–92 Star Wars Insider IDG Entertainment
Issue 93 onwards Star Wars Insider Titan Magazines


The magazine contains sections that focus on what is new in the Star Wars universe, be they events, fiction, excerpts from comics, exclusive previews, articles that explore the Star Wars universe in detail, questions and answers, or interviews.

A popular section of the magazine is Bantha Tracks, overseen by Lucasfilm's Pete Vilmur, who replaced the section's previous editor Mary Franklin in mid-2015. It is created entirely by fans of Star Wars, with art and photographs submitted by fans. Other sections include:

  • Launch Pad provides "all the latest news, fun, games and gossip from the Star Wars Universe."
  • My Star Wars, where Star Wars actors, authors, special effects technicians and celebrity guests discuss their favorite aspects of the franchise.
  • Five Facts was a recurring department that displayed five facts about the Star Wars universe, with one of the facts being fake and the reader was invited to guess which one.
  • Jedi Archive
  • Classic Moment is a feature that selects one scene in Star Wars continuity and discusses why the scene is notable
  • Red Five
  • Books
  • Comics
  • Ask Lobot
  • Incoming
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Bantha Tracks
  • Com-Scan


Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine logo

A former Insider logo

Alternate Insider logo

The first issue of The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine

The first issue of Star Wars Insider

Star Wars Insider 94 Celebration IV cover

The Best of Star Wars Insider[]

Star Wars Insider: The Fiction Collection[]

Other publications[]

To coincide with the release of Star Wars: Battlefront and the original trilogy on DVD, Best Buy offered an Exclusive Collector's Issue of Star Wars Insider on September 20, 2004.


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