Star Wars Insider 101 is the 101st issue of the Star Wars Insider magazine, and the 9th issue to be published by Titan Magazines.




Behind the scenes[]

"Jawa's Corner" was renamed "Blaster" in an overhaul of the magazine's look and feel. Other departments added included "Launch Pad," "Science of Star Wars," "Versus," "A Long Time Ago....," "Ask Lobot," "Space Gear," and "Classic Moment."

On page 40, in the "Reference Works" section of "The Essential Expanded Universe" article, Wookieepedia is mentioned:

The denseness of the Star Wars universe has given rise to a host of guides for streamlining the chaos. Online resources include the starwars.com databank and the fan-generated content at Wookieepedia, but other works have earned their place on bookshelves and desks.

On another note, there are a few instances of misspelled words throughout the issue, including "Qui-Gonn Jinn" in The Greatest Ever Lightsaber Battles and "Kashyyk" in Versus. Also, world news from 1980 places John Lennon's assassination in 1983.

Exclusive Limited Edition Collectors' Cover.

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