"[…] it's with sadness in our hearts, but happiness in our memories, that this issue of Star Wars Insider is respectfully dedicated to Carrie Fisher. The Force was and will always be with you Carrie, and you will never be forgotten."
―Jonathan Wilkins[src]

Star Wars Insider 171 is the 149th issue of the Star Wars Insider magazine and the seventy-ninth published by Titan Magazines. Released on February 28, 2017, it pays homage to Carrie Fisher. Getting a subscription on this issue supplies a free Star Wars: The Black Series titanium vehicle.[2]

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The amazing new-look issue of Star Wars Insider is here! Don't miss this exciting new chapter in the history of the official magazine of the Star Wars saga!

This issue features amazing new features, an essential guide to the great Star Wars collectibles released this month, behind-the-scenes info on the latest Star Wars movie, Rogue One, plus some surprises you won't want to miss!



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