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Star Wars Insider 172 is the 172nd issue of Star Wars Insider magazine and the eightieth issue published by Titan Magazines. It was released on April 11, 2017. Due to it being close to the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars, the preview cover was a recreation of the theatrical poster for A New Hope. Among its features were a guide to the various collectibles released in April and behind the scenes info on Rogue One.

Insider 172 marked a design change for the magazine. The cover adopted the new slogan "The Official Magazine" under the Star Wars Insider logo, replacing the previous "The Official Magazine of the Star Wars Saga," while the spine changed from black to white, with varying color tabs for each issue's different editions.

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The amazing new-look issue of Star Wars Insider is here! Don't miss this exciting new chapter in the history of the official magazine of the Star Wars saga! This issue features amazing new features, an essential guide to the great Star Wars collectibles released this month, behind-the- scenes info on the latest Star Wars movie, Rogue One, plus some surprises you won't want to miss! Available in Newsstand and PREVIEWS Exclusive cover editions!



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