Star Wars Insider 24 is the twenty-fourth issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was published in Winter 1995.



On August 11, 1994, legendary film actor Peter Cushing died of cancer. He left a legacy of film work including his portrayal as Star Wars's insidious Grand Moff Tarkin, governor of the Imperial Outland Regions. We take a look back at this extraordinary actor whose memory will last forever.
A major exhibit is now on display at the Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco. Occupying over 8,000 square feet, the exhibit has on display literally hundreds of props, models, and costumes from the Star Wars and Indian Jones films. We take a look at this one-of-a-kind exhibit.
Here are all of the important dates in the production of the Star Wars trilogy, including some little-known, hard-to-find information.
Ralph McQuarrie is the design consultant and conceptual artist who helped George Lucas bring Star Wars to the big screen. McQuarrie played a pivotal role in formulating the entire look and feel of Star Wars. He gives us further insight into the world of Star Wars in his soon-to-be-published book The Star Wars Universe with Kevin Anderson. The Insider talked with Ralph recently about his experiences with Star Wars past and present.
  • "Producing the New Star Wars Prequels" by Dan Madsen
The man George Lucas has chosen to help him steer the course of the new Star Wars films is Rick McCallum, who worked with Lucas on another big project, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. In this exclusive interview, McCallum fills us in on what's happening with the new Star Wars prequels, and also shares his hopes and plans for the next few years.
Before Star Wars, George Lucas directed the science fiction classic THX-1138. In this retrospective, Jon Bradley Snyder looks back at Lucas' first attempt at science fiction and how this unique filmmaking achievement remains releavant and compelling even today.
  • "Bzzzzit...! ILM Energizes Star Wars" by Jon Bradley Snyder
Darth Vader is on a mission from the Emperor, a mission to get the Energizer Bunny once and for all. Will he turn the Bunny to the dark side? Unsuspecting Star Wars fans were shocked and delighted to see this epic confrontation on TV last fall in the latest Energizer battery commercial. Find out how this all came about, and how ILM pulled off the special effects in this and other commercials.


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  2. The "Star News" department of Star Wars Insider 24 indicates that this issue was published no later than February 1995. Given that Star Wars Insider was published quarterly during this time, this indicates a Winter 1995 release for issue 24.

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