Star Wars Insider 26 is the twenty-sixth issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was published in Summer 1995.



What's happening with the new Star Wars prequels? The creator of Star Wars reveals his early plans for the new films in this exclusive feature!
A year ago Weezer was barely a blip on the pop music radar. Today, they have a multi-platinum album, several hit videos, and are playing larger and larger concert venues in a town near you. More importantly, they're all Star Wars fans. We introduce you to pop music's rising Star Wars fans!
  • "Wizard Oz" by Kevin Stevens
Most people know him as the man behind Yoda and Miss Piggy, however, Frank Oz has moved way beyond being a master of Muppets. Today, he is one of Hollywood's leading directors with his latest picture just released, The Indian in the Cupboard.
Ever wonder where all those alien sounds in the trilogy come from? How did Chewbacca get his bearish cry, R2-D2 get his electronic sigh or Darth Vader get his ominous breathing? They're all the creation of Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt. The Insider spoke with Burtt recently about his important contribution to the sounds of Star Wars.
  • "Skin Deep: Star Wars Tattoos" by Jon Bradley Snyder
The Star Wars phenomenon crosses all boundaries and there are a multitude of creative ways that fans display their love for the trilogy. In this special photo feature, we show you an interesting, albeit offbeat, way some fans display their love of Star Wars!
He's the author of numerous Star Wars novels including the popular Jedi Academy Trilogy. Recently, we spoke with Kevin J. Anderson to discuss the pleasure and pain of writing original fiction in the Star Wars universe.


A Guide to the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi Universe Part 1
LucasArts Teams Up with Entertainment Giants to Offer the Epic Science Fiction Adventure, The Dig
Almost Everything You Wanted to Know… (Response to Your Star Wars Snail Mail)
  • "Club Classifieds"

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  2. The "Star News" and "Lucasfilm's Latest" departments of Star Wars Insider 26 collectively indicate that this issue was published between June 4 and July 28, 1995. Given that Star Wars Insider was published quarterly during this time, this indicates a Summer 1995 release for issue 26.

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