Star Wars Insider 27 is the twenty-seventh issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was published in Fall 1995.



If you're traveling in Europe this winter and happen to notice an X-wing drive by, don't panic! You haven't traveled to a galaxy far, far away. FoxVideo International has built authentic, life-size X-wings to promote the new video Trilogy release and we have the Inside story from Lcuasfilm Archivist Nelson Hall!
With a marketing blitz bigger than the Rebel assault on the Death Star, Twentieth Century Fox has been selling the magic of Star Wars to an eager, new global generation with the boxed set of the Trilogy that was recently released. We go behind the scenes at Fox to discover what went into this amazing campaign.
An interview with the director of the Empire Strikes Back.
A look back at the 1985-1986 Saturday morning series' Ewoks & Droids. Includes a complete episode guide for each.
Archaeologist Reynolds travels to Tunisia in April 1995, where they filmed A New Hope and shares his story and photos.
  • "The Art of John Alvin Promises the Magic that Lucasfilm Movies Deliver".
Interview with movie poster artist, John Alvin on the foreign VHS cover art he created.

Regular departments[]

McCallum talks about animatics, casting, shooting schedule, ship designs on Episode I, a new Indiana Jones film, and the Special Edition.
Biographic article on John Williams and what led him to Star Wars.
Excerpts from the Journal of a Rebel Pilot
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Update
A Guide to the Tales of the Jedi Universe, Part 2
Droids, Ewoks, and the Mysterious Vlix (And the Truth about 4-L0M and Zuckuss!)

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  2. Star Wars Insider 27's copyright is dated to 1995, while the "Star Wars Around the World" department indicates that this issue was published between October 21 and December of that year. Given that Star Wars Insider was published quarterly during this time, this indicates a Fall 1995 release for issue 27.

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