Star Wars Insider 30 is the thirtieth issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was published in Summer 1996. This is the first issue to feature the writing of Scott Chernoff, who would become a fixture for the next 30 issues and go on to become the magazine's Managing Editor.


What's it like to record a world famous radio drama? Kevin Burke went backstage to find out…
Kevin Fitzpatrick looks back at an American classic.
Boba Fett haunts Jeremy Bulloch, but James Swallow finds out why that's a good thing.
Jon Bradley Snyder leads a roundtable discussion on the world's favorite bounty hunter.
Three Brave Souls Admit the Shocking Truth!


We Need Your Help!
Letters from Our Star Wars Fans
Rick McCallum talks Indy and Star Wars, with more new photos.
Anthony Daniels on hiding in the bushes of Endor.
Dave Prowse goes under the mask again for a special filming.
Bob Cooper reveals a day in the life of a Star Wars editor—plus, how you can submit to Dark Horse.
Notes on new projects.
Just Trying to (Action) Figure It All Out

Notes and references[]

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  2. The "Star News" and "Lucasfilm's Latest" departments of Star Wars Insider 30 collectively indicate that this issue was published between May 26 and July 4, 1996. Given that Star Wars Insider was published quarterly during this time, this indicates a Summer 1996 release for issue 30.

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