Star Wars Insider 31 is the thirty-first issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was published in Fall 1996.


Go inside the Star Wars Customizable Collectible Card Game with Jack Scrip
Scott Chernoff interviews Warwick Davis, the man behind Wicket, Willow, and Leprechaun.
Jon Bradley SNyder finds out what's so cool about Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, from LucasArts' Justin Chin.
  • "Star Wars Cinematographer: An Interview with Gil Taylor" by Jamie Painter
Jamie Painter speaks with the world renowned cinematographer about shooting his most famous work.
Stephen J. Sansweet reveals the secret Kenner action figure, and much more!


"My parents think it's just a phase…"
Rick McCallum and Lucasfilm shift into high gear.
Late breaking news from Lucasfilm, plus, people really win with the Star Wars Insider.
Our man in London: Anthony Daniels.
New column! Scott Chernoff catches up with bit players from Star Wars.
Bob Cooper interviews Edvin Biukovic, Croatian Star Wars artist.
The secrets of price tag removal revealed.

Notes and references[]

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  2. The "Star News" department of Star Wars Insider 31 indicates that this issue was published between October 18 and November 1996. Given that Star Wars Insider was published quarterly during this time, this indicates a Fall 1996 release for issue 31.

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