Star Wars Insider 32 is the thirty-second issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was published in Winter 1997. Issue 32 celebrated the theatrical release of The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition as well as the twentieth anniversary of the Star Wars franchise. This issue unveiled a new design for the magazine, including a new Star Wars Insider logo, which lasted through issue 76 in Spring 2004.


Now it can be told: The amazing stories of the actors who played Rebel pilots! Jon Bradley Snyder spent almost a year tracking down these chaps and finding out what it was really like under the helmet.
Famed special effects scribe Mark Cotta Vaz puts the Special Edition and the short history of digital effects in crystal-clear perspective with this exclusive article.
George Lucas, and a wide range of celebrities and Star Wars folk recount their first memories of seeing Star Wars in theater. Scott Chernoff introduces it all with a moment of reflection.
The tireless Mr. Chernoff gives a sweeping overview of Star Wars on the small screen, including a look at Star Wars and muppets that just might surprise you.


How can you send a letter to Star Wars stars?
One trilogy down… one to go.
Aunt Beru lives!
Our resident Star Wars celebrity, Anthony Daniels, tells it like it is.
Bob Cooper sinks his teeth into the Special Edition comics.
The secrets of price tag removal revealed.


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