Star Wars Insider 33 is the thirty-third issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was published in Spring 1997.


Finally, after 20 years, Star Wars gets the gala opening it deserves. Scott Chernoff and the Insider were there.
Athena Portillo digs deep into the snow to discover the secrets of the ice creature.
Jamie Painter finds that the former ILM-er who made the Tauntauns trot and the AT-ATs walk is busier than ever.
  • "It's Cold Outside! The First Star Wars Customizable Card Game World Tournament'" by Jon Bradley Snyder
What happens when Decipher invites the best Star Wars Customizable Card Game players in the world to duke it out? Jon Bradley Snyder reports.
  • "Meco and other Galactic Funk" by Scott Chernoff & Jon Bradley Snyder
What's the man who made Star Wars disco up to these days? The Insider gets down with Meco Monardo.


George Lucas addresses the Greedo Incident.
No Sleep 'til Episode One.
Special Edition Scene Report.
Lobot speaks!
Anthony Daniels in the Jundland Wastes.
New Star Wars comic created in four cities on two continents.
Steve Sansweet talks telescoping lightsabers.

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