Star Wars Insider 34 is the thirty-fourth issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was published in Summer 1997. Issue 34 marked the conclusion of Star Wars Insider's original quarterly publication schedule; with issue 35, the magazine began publishing bi-monthly.



The first time the Insider has talked with Mark about Star Wars since the Special Edition! New exclusive interview by Jacquie Kubin.
  • "Nathan Hamill: My Father the Jedi"
Nathan Hamill writes about growing up with Star Wars.
The search for the missing Rebel pilot is over. Scott Chernoff and Jon Bradley Snyder speak with everyone's favorite snowspeeder gunner.
Athena Portillo talks with Doug Chiang, John Knoll and Ralph McQuarrie about creating the Imperial capital.
Steve Sansweet looks at how a courageous young boy with cancer became a permanent part of the Star Wars universe.


How big is the Cantina Band?
Rick McCallum gives us a sneak peek at prequel Yoda.
Updating Star Tours.
Oola La!
Anthony Daniels picks up the comlink
Mr. Sansweet answers collector questions.
X-Wing Rogue Squadron takes flight.

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  2. Star Wars Insider 34 mistakenly lists a Spring 1997 publication date in its credits — Star Wars Insider was published quarterly through issue 34, and issue 33 was published in Spring 1997. "The Editor's Desk" introduction for issue 34 confirms that this issue was released in Summer 1997, while the "Star News" and "Scouting the Galaxy" departments collectively indicate that this issue was published between May and July 1997.

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