Star Wars Insider 35 is the thirty-fifth issue of Star Wars Insider magazine and was the first published by Fantastic Media, Inc. It was released in September 1997. Starting with issue 35, Star Wars Insider began bimonthly publication. Issue 35 was also the first Star Wars Insider issue to offer multiple cover variants to readers: a newsstand version featuring a Tusken Raider and a subscriber-exclusive version featuring a TIE fighter pilot.


Melissa J. Perensen previews the new Star Wars exhibition in Washington, D.C.
  • "Let the Wookiee Win: Chewbacca's Lifetime Achievement Award" by Athena Portillo
MTV lets the Wookiee win and the Insider's Athena Portillo was on the scene.
  • "The Farce is Back"
One of the all-time great movie parodies returns: Scott Chernoff finds out what's so special about it.
David West Reynolds, the "archaeologist of Star Wars", has the full story on the Lost Scenes of Biggs Darklighter
  • "The Jedi Sandstorm"
David Oghia, of the French Lucasfilm magazine, checks out the deleted scene.
The Insider speaks with Eric Larson, the designer who brough many of Pepsi's Special Edition Promotions to life.


We love Mark Hamill.
Rick McCallum gives us an update from Tunisia.
A new column looking at the people working behind the scenes on the prequels.
An interview with George Lcuas.
Admiral Piett ain't so bad.
What's coming in new Star Wars comics.
Is my script authentic?

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  2. While the credits for Star Wars Insider 35 list a Winter 1997 publication date, "The Editor's Desk" welcome in Star Wars Insider 34 confirms that issue 35 was published in September 1997. The issue 35 feature article "The Jedi Sandstorm" and the advertisement on the inside back cover further confirm that issue 35 was published after the release of the book Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays, which Amazon dates to September 8, 1997.

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