Star Wars Insider 38 is the thirty-eighth issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was published in June/July 1998. This issue is notable as the first issue in which regular writer Scott Chernoff became Managing Editor.



Hollywood hot shot Samuel L. Jackson tells Scott Chernoff how he turned his dream of joining the Star Wars universe into a reality.
A complete rundown of every Star Wars reference on our favorite animated sitcom. Scott Chernoff gets the scoop from Simpsons writers and artists on why the Force is with them.
Star Wars icon Billy Dee Williams tells Scott Chernoff how he made Lando Calrissian so memorable, and talks about his stature as one of the preeminent African-American stars of cinema.
Jon Bradley Snyder reveals the results of the Insider's exhaustive reader poll, complete with your quotes about your favorite characters.


  • "From the Editor's Desk" by Jon Bradley Snyder
    Me and Mr. Burns
  • "Rebel Rumblings"
Our readers hit an iceberg.
Rick McCallum on Episodes I & II, plus new photos
Nick Gillard teaches Jedi how to fight.
Red Leader - no longer missing in action
Fox to distribute prequels; Ann Crispin's Han Solo Trilogy concludes.
Anthony Daniels is back!
Remembering the life and work of Archie Goodwin.
All your Star Wars collecting questions answered.


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