Star Wars Insider 39 is the thirty-ninth issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was published in August/September 1998. Issue 39 features interviews with Jake Lloyd, Warwick Davis, Kenny Baker, and Doug Chiang.



Nine-year-old actor Jake Lloyd tells Scott Chernoff what it was like to take on one of the most famous roles in film history: the young Darth Vader.
  • "Sword of the Jedi" by Scott Chernoff
The world-famous fantasy author was just announced as the author of the Episode I novel. In this exclusive interview, Brooks tells Scott Chernoff how he expanded the Star Wars universe for the Episode I book.
Two of the Star Wars universe's biggest stars tell the Insider about their triumphant returns to the Star Wars sage for Episode I.
Episode I's director of design tells David West Reynolds about the challenges of helping to create the look for the new generation of Star Wars films.


Anticpating Episode I
Rick McCallum on Episodes I & II, plus new photos.
Don Bies makes R2-D2 move.
Meet Mon Mothma!
Star Wars goes Lego; Decipher Sponsors Massive CCG Tournament Weekend
Mara Jade becomes the first non-movie Star Wars character to star in her own series of comics.
All your Star Wars collecting questions answered.

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