Star Wars Insider 41 is the forty-first issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was published in December 1998/January 1999.


The issue is notable for its coverage of the "Lost Cut" of A New Hope.


The veteran British actor tells the Insider's Scott Chernoff about the highlights of his career, including stints in the Superman movies and his upcoming role as Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum in Star Wars: Episode I.
Ewan McGregor grew up watching the Star Wars movies, but he never guessed he'd be stepping into the robe of Sir Alec Guinness as the young Obi-Wan Kenobi. The star of Trainspotting tells the Insider how it feels to be a Jedi.
Long before the Star Wars Insider, there was Bantha Tracks, the original Star Wars Fan Club newsletter. Kevin Fitzpatrick takes a fond look back at the first official Star Wars quarterly, and the early days of Star Wars fandom.
He's rediscovered the Tunisian locations for Tatooine and pulled back the curtain on the lost Anchorhead scenes from A New Hope. Now Dr. David West Reynolds shares his latest discovery—a whole other version of Star Wars.


Rick McCallum on Episode I's new title and trailer.
General Madine takes command.
Gavin Bocquet brings planets to life.
Unmasking The Phantom Menace; Hasbro buys Galoob; Mace Windu action figure debuts.
Ki-Adi-Mundi stars in a new generation of Star Wars Comics
All your Star Wars collection questions answered.
Anthony Daniels returns next issue.

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